Milescraft pen press™

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The Quick, Easy Way to Accurately Align and Assemble Pens and Other Turned Projects
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Proprietary design keeps parts in horizontal alignment while pressure is applied, preventing splitting and ensuring proper assembly. Six half-circle metal stanchions are located beneath the spring-loaded mandrel opposite the pressure arm.  One or more can be quickly and easily flipped up under the mandrel, preventing it from bowing in any direction when pressure is applied during assembly. The mandrel is spring-loaded, so it pushes stacked components against the pressure arm, holding them in alignment during set up. The pressure used on any one assembly is precisely calibrated using the fine threaded micro-adjustment pad.

The TurnersPress™ can be used to construct items measuring up to 5¾” long, including those with larger diameters, such as pepper mills; intricate pieces, such as letter openers or shorter, stubby parts such as bottle stoppers. The dual-sided, extra wide steel base provides a solid foundation, and allows for quick, easy clamping or permanent mounting to a work surface.