Many beginners are tempted to run a strip of paper to the end of the wall, crease it, continue past the corner onto the next wall, and then hang the next strip alongside it. How to Get Wallpaper to Stick to Ceilings. This was the guide for our first strip, so it needed to be perfectly straight. If you want to tackle this project in a prominent spot, I’d recommend practicing in a smaller space first to get the hang of it. If you own your own home, you can peel away your wallpaper before you list it and not worry about what your real estate agent (and tons of potential buyers) will say! I think next time we do this project, we can get it done a bit faster! For a neater, durable fit, follow this procedure: Credit: If it isn’t level, draw a straight line on the top and sides of the wall. Using downward strokes, run a plastic smoothing tool ($8, The Home Depot) along the wall to remove air bubbles. The great thing about peel and stick wallpaper is that you can easily lift it back up and readjust it as you go. ... Make sure you smooth all of the wallpaper because it also helps it stick to the wall. Staying atop of your wellbeing is a must, especially during uncertain, stressful times. See how you can personalize your home's entrance with holiday front door decorations, including evergreen wreaths, garlands, pinecones, and pops of plaid. First, let's make sure your wall is level. Line up the right side of your paper with your straight line. It's a two-person job—one stationed at the top and one at the bottom. Don't worry about rough edges around the hole; the outlet cover or switch plate will hide most imperfections. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you install this first strip, straight, following your mark on the wall. For electrical outlets and switch plates, ensure the power is still turned off and use a utility knife to carefully cut away the paper over the opening. The success of your project depends … In general, if you can, you'll want to get self-adhesive wallpaper, which is the easiest to install. Prepasted wallpaper is more forgiving for beginners because it doesn’t immediately adhere so you have a little more time to make sure it’s straight and correct it. The self-adhesive backing doesn't require any messy paste, and if you make a mistake while applying, you can simply pull it off and start over. Follow these instructions to apply peel-and-stick wallpaper and quickly add color and pattern to your space. HOW TO HANG WALLPAPER: tips for beginners 1. A quick, temporary, creative way to add personality to your walls (and many other areas!) It was just a long rod and one shelf above. Watch our quick tutorial videos to learn professional tips on how to hang wallpaper by yourself. Remove any existing wallpaper. Line up the decal with your guideline. Your paper has to be level -- and even if it is, your house may not be. Applying temporary wallpaper isn't quite as simple as simply peeling off the backing and sticking it to the wall, though. Measure the height of your wall. Check the wallpaper manufacturer's instructions to ensure the product will stick to your type of walls. You can also apply paper to flat plates for a seamless look. All the times and temperatures you need to know to roast turkey, chicken, beef, and pork for your feast. And stay tuned for the final reveal of this space. It’s worth it. We'll show you the top 10 most popular house styles, including Cape Cod, country French, Colonial, Victorian, Tudor, Craftsman, cottage, Mediterranean, ranch, and contemporary. The 10 Most Popular House Styles Explained, A Whole-House Cleaning Schedule You'll Actually Stick To, Call Your Stylist: These Hair Colors Will Be Everywhere This Spring, 7 Small But Impactful Ways to Fit Self-Care Into Your Day Right Now, Luna, Bella & Lily Top This Year's List of Most Popular Cat Names. Find detailed instructions in step-by-step hanging guide and watch how easy it is to install How to Hang Peel and Stick Wallpaper . Since this was our first time wallpapering, we learned A LOT along the way. Measure the width of your peel-and-stick wallpaper ($34, Target), then transfer that measurement to your wall with a pencil. Better Homes & Gardens may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on Use a straightedge and level to draw a line from the ceiling to the baseboard (or the length of the area you'd like the cover) along your marks. … ©2020 DIY Playbook | Privacy Policy | Site by Roundhouse Designs, Reader OMG! Stir up something new in the kitchen. A few tools and tricks will also come in handy to help you get the smoothest finish possible. How to Hang Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper Before you begin, note that peel-and-stick wallpaper typically adheres best to walls with a smooth texture and an eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss finish . In addition to your wallpaper, the list of tools you’ll need to install it is pretty short … You'll need to do some prep work to ensure it adheres properly to the wall. – Sarah’s Victorian Across the Pond, Reader OMG! How to apply wallpaper with glue.