Iceberg: Antarctica and also ocean, Antarctica and also sea, ice and also ocean, or ice and also sea. The different formulas are all interlinked. mud + plant = swamp. How do you make a knight in little alchemy. 5. To watch this video you need to consent to YouTube cookies. var params = There is a reason why Little Alchemy 2 app is there for everybody to explore and enjoy. How to make 'force knight' in Little Alchemy 2? fire + stone = metal. Find out how to make force knight! Ice tea: cold and also tea or ice and also tea. How to make knife in Alchemy 1000? Lawnmower: electricity and also scythe or grass and also tool. Includes all Myths and Monsters content pack items cheats! air + air = pressure. Have you heard of the game “Little Alchemy” ? land + land = continent. How to make clothes in Alchemy 1000? Guess what we do now? energy + cloud = lightning. Carrot can make these items: Snowman = Snow + Carrot. How to cheats steps that will guide you to creation of force knight from starting items. Little Alchemist is designed such that if you and your opponent are both killed in the same round, you are the one that loses. Knight is an advanced element in Little Alchemy 2, and it could be used to combine Castle, Don Quixote, Fairy Tale, Hero, and Jedi. Klaxon. Got it! pond + … Alarm clock: clock and also sound. Little Alchemy 2 was released in August of 2017 and, if it is like its predecessor, will see numerous content updates over time. Little Alchemy 2 official hints and cheats guide! This game requires lots of thinking and creativity, and it can a lot of times mess with your brain, unless you try really hard. Ice cream truck: car and also ice cream. fire + fire = energy. Icecream: cold and also milk or ice and also milk. Walkthrough for knight in Little Alchemy. A frog in Little Alchemy requires the elements of swamp and caviar. You don't know with what element Hero is combined? metal + blade = sword. Combine with Create; arm: gloves: beach: bikini: crocodile: Lacoste: decollete: bra: Japan: kimono: knight: armor: legs: socks: … Check out the detailed walkthrough and try it yourself. earth + fire = lava. Shortly speaking on this page provides to you Little Alchemy Knight cheats and guide. How to make 'force knight' in Little Alchemy 2? (function(d) { water + water = puddle. If you are playing on a computer you can play the game by clicking this link.. For Android users, you can download the game from the play store. earth + rain = plant. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Little Alchemy Tip: Two of a Kind Is Easy to Miss Remember to regularly check the result if you combine two of a single item. So, when you and the opponent’s health are both low, you should play defensively. 'https' : 'http'; One of the first things you have to do is open the game on Android, iOS or computer. s.src = p + "://" Go back to your starters and put your Fire and your Air together to make Energy. stone + metal = blade. How to make 'knight' in Little Alchemy 2? You need to use your Water and your Air to make Rain, and then mix that Rain with some Earth to get a Plant. water + air = mist. How to make or combinations in Little Alchemy starting with I – K 1. Acid Rain: rain and also smoke, or rain and also smog, or rain and also sickness, or cloud and also smoke, or cloud and also smog, or cloud and also sickness, or rain and also city : Air: Available from start. Got it! Below is the A to Z complete list on Little Alchemy Hints Full List, How to Make. Next, combine air and water to create rain, and combine earth and rain to create plant. 700 Little Alchemy 2 Combo Guide + 109 Myths & Monsters. puddle + water = pond. Discover clothes in Alchemy 1000 How to make clothes in Alchemy 1000 What can you make with clothes in Alchemy 1000 .