Some issues owners have associated with the slipping clutch problem include: Excessively high RPMs Since the clearance issue we addressed with our modified pull rod was an interference between the input shaft, the pull rod, and the bearing, any of these 3 parts could be modified to solve the clearance. Then use a 5mm hex to remove the bolt and carefully remove the shift star. We love cars, pickups, and everything with wheels! The proper solution for this is to install our Ninja400R Blueprinted Shift Change Shaft. Kawasaki came out later to admit the problem was due to a faulty ECU, and they issued a recall for the bikes affected. Then secure the shift lever back on the shaft and tighten it in place. Some issues owners have associated with the slipping clutch problem include: No one wants his/her bike to overheat while riding. This will later affect the engine’s operation and lead to running issues. Once in place,  reach your finger under the clutch basket and locate the oil pump drive gear. No matter how many Kawi dealers tell you it’s normal for your clutch to slip on a bike with only 500 miles, it isn’t. Did you find wrong information or was something missing? The second half of this problem is simply a design flaw by Kawasaki. Some owners traced the problems to faulty fuel-system components such as air filters, fuel lines, and fuel supply valve. Instagram While it is normal for brake pads to wear out, it isn’t normal to have a set wearing out faster than the other. (PS: We read ALL feedback). ***2020 bikes STILL have the rest of the issues and STILL benefit from fixing the rest of the issues!***. It is worthy to note that most owners reporting this problem live in typically high-humidity regions e.g., Texas. Step 6. Install the Barnett Heavy Duty Clutch Springs and the spring plate and torque the spring plate bolts to 10Nm (89 inlbs) with a 10mm socket. From Kawasaki’s official report, the following causes the problem: As with other problems, Kawasaki issued a recall for bikes affected. The third issue here is that with the super lightweight OEM clutch springs, there’s barely enough force in the springs to return the clutch cable all the way to allow the clutch to completely engage. Before you buy any Ninja 300, ask if it has had ABS issues and if the unit has been replaced. I recommend using an impact gun to torque this nut. Such residue clogs internal valves, jets, and lines in the carburetor, and affect fuel flow. However, this issue may still crop up on newer models. It falls out easily when the pressure plate is removed. Step 5. TLDR: N400 clutch keeps burning out wayy too early. If the bike has low miles, it is common for the gasket to remain stuck to the engine in excellent condition and be acceptable to reuse after this installation. According to some complaints, the bike stops running when the rider reduces throttle input i.e., slows down. Kawasaki also has available 1.6mm and 2.3mm thick steel plates for the 3 wide plates (which we have available for sale here). Many people, especially beginner riders, love these bikes as they are cheap and easier to ride compared to the bigger sportbikes. Using excessive force to remove this bolt can damage the shift forks inside the transmission, so be sure to heat the bolt to release the threadlocker first. Sportbike Track Gear is the #1 online eCommerce site for protective motorcycle apparel and performance parts. The Ninja 300 replaced the Ninja 250 model, and unlike the latter, it used fuel injection instead of carburetors. When you downshift and decelerate quickly, the rear wheel tries to spin the engine up, and one set of these ramps slide together, releasing pressure from the clutch plates which allows the clutch to slip. In more severe cases, the bike may stall permanently. 99 $ 49.99 $ 79.99. Black spacers will allow the clutch to slip less for more engine braking. The Yoyodyne clutch includes a new clutch pack with 6 heavy duty friction plates and 5 new 1.6mm thick OEM steel plates. FREE Shipping by Amazon. DMP Fender Eliminator Kit Kawasaki Ninja 400 2018-2021 $ 44. While the Ninja 400 is a good bike, it is marred by widespread issues with the transmission. It’s very easy to have the clutch cable adjusted improperly and not know about it since there’s essentially no feel at the clutch lever. Gently pull the shaft out from the clutch side of the bike. There are 1 narrow and 3 wide plates in the pack. Do not attempt to break this nut loose with a breaker bar, you will likely damage the clutch basket with the basket tool. With many less expensive motorcycles, including the Ninja 400, these drive dogs and receiving slots are square in shape, and can slip free under acceleration or deceleration, causing the transmission to involuntarily shift gears or find a place between gears called a “false neutral” where no gear is engaged.