Log In. Pecopeco Riding lv 1 6. INT: 1-20 4. Only one Seal can be active on the Paladin at any one time. Doing this will recover sp faster and will not be that expensive. You currently have javascript disabled. So holy cross is a fun build to level with then? I still ran out of sp but the regen was fast and the heal was handy. This build enable paladins to inflict massive damage while having a very high HP. Ragnarok Revo Classic : Crusader HOLY CROSS BUILD - YouTube Crusaders are a fine blend of physical strength and faith-driven magic prowess, making them a versatile class. Defender The build maxes the VIT stat in order to gain more HP for sponging other characters with Devotion. Most proc types are at 5%, some at 3%, some higher IIRC. these are the just the base skills, the remaining 25 skill points can be used for the following hybrid options. Effect. Blessing of Sanctuary 30/21/0 Holy Paladin Talent Build WoW Classic PvP Holy Paladin Talent Builds These are two possible PvP builds for Holy Paladins. So is a HC build viable for solo leveling? Yup, actually I'm doing good damage with the cross build. Curious to know how long does it take for you to kill a mob? Before I start my queries, please avoid suggesting other builds or saying that another build is better, because this is the build that I'm having fun playing. Create New Account. I think it's safe to assume Lance/Heavy Spears would have 5% proc rate. - *for toxicogami that reminds me of spear-holy cross-build. See more of 99Porings.com - Ragnarok Mobile/Revo Classic Guides on Facebook. IVD Magic Tank - focuses in intelligence stat, which opens up the supportive use of heal and becoming a sustainable tank. Sign Up. Auto Guard lv 3 ===== ===== PVM SECTION You do NOT have to choose between it and Spear skills. The build works well on both grinding and PVP. A decent to high DEX should also be acquired in order to cast Devotio… This disables normal sp recovery but every time you kill a guy with a Melee attack (Normal spear attacks or HC) you get back 10sp. Amongst all the build I have, I'd say at level 56, I can one hit eggyra with foods only with holy cross. They both proc the skills as intended, just that the proc chance isn't that high. Answer is no, What is the proc rate of Holy cross on lance/heavy spear? So I'm interested in starting a Swordsman and going Crusader (or Knight). Does okay damage but it takes a lot of gold medals to grab the relevant runes. and playing from a pc is such a hassle. Welcome to our Holy Paladin Healer guide for WoW Classic, tailored for PvE content. Here, you will learn how all you need to know to play the Paladin class as Holy Healer. undetermined, I think agi won't affect animation speed when using skill. iirc, in the PC Ragnarok holy cross has no cooldown but is affected by attack speed but in ROM it doesn't seem to be like that. Yeah you may use a few pots now and then but still with HP regen 10 (which you should have gotten as a swordie) is way more than enough. In the world of Ragnarök Online you can become a brave knight, a holy acolyte, a clever hunter, a devious thief or choose any other class reflecting your own preferences and style Acolyte The religious teachings forbid Acolytes and other members of the Church from using bladed weapons. Couple that with the Eden boots that you get (+16% sp regen) and you should have a problem maintaining your SP, HP, Spear Quicken, etc, etc.Just my opinion though :3. There's no skill name appearing or skill animation. The damage is doubled with a … Taunting, healing and Holy Cross when I could, it's pretty ok ish but the issue is that you will need spearfish pike to do a bit of damage on dark or shadow bosses but I rather use cardo hence ended up dropping holy cross at the end. I have a Holy Cross/Grand Cross Paladin on my 2nd account, and my current build on that has zero vit lol, just SID. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. any way i can download the game? Ret-Reckoning Build (Fastest) Notes About The Spec: The core assumption with this build is that AoE grinding with Sanctuary, Redoubt, and Reckoning will be the fastest way to 60. Its great if you want to farm injustice. Holy Cross 6 Grandcross 10 Cure 1 De Pro 3 Demonbane 5 Heal 10 Peco Riding 1 Auto Guard 3 How to distribute the skills??? AGI: 1 3. Im not really interested in WoEing on this … Tried SIVD grand cross on injustice before level penalty kicks in. Paladin SKills [without Heal]: Faith 10 Holy Cross 6 Grand Cross 10 Auto Guard 10 Smith 3 Shield Boomerang 3 Reflect Shield 10 Gloria Domini 5 Peco Riding 1 *11 Skill Points Left-This build must tag with Angeling Armor due to the lack of vit. A better thing todo would be to get an Earth Deleter carded Armor. This is a PVM build that aims for MAX ASPD (190) to auto cast heal on the character while attacking. I've tested though Sniper (maxxed attack speed) that uses Double Bound (auto proc Double Strafe) to hit a dummy for an hour while I was eating and it never did proc. Guide ini ditulis oleh : Andhiek. This build focuses in picking up Improved Blessing of Might and Improved Blessing of Wisdom to give you both options when going into a raid. Because for me it doesn't do anything... As far as we could tell, Heavy Spear proc chance for Holy Cross is at 5%. But they are so dapper in this version of RO. SVD Warrior Tank - focus on strength stat, which opens up the viability of other P.Atk skills like the shield tree or even mixing auto attacks. Auto attack paladin is great, all my equipment is mostly defensive bar mirror shield and ivory lance, and it still deals relatively decent damage output. Also, I use Spearfish+Naga Shield because they give crazy boosts to Holy Cross and Grand Cross. Holy Cross, which will use the Holy Cross skill repeatedly for high single target damage. Why not switch weapon with IVD instead? well based on experience, I've never even proc it once when I am on a Auto-attack paladin build. Auto Guard 4. I've tried it both on sniper using double bound, as well as auto atk whitesmith using vecer. Can't wait to +10 spearfish and put it to the last tier. So I just maxxed Int then Str. I never paid attention to much for crusaders in the past because of how weird-looking their sprites are. Lvl 10 Grand Cross – THIS IS UR BOOM BOOM POW AOE MAIN SKILL! Art, Music, Concerts, Writing a damn novel I can't even finish, Changing things for the better. Most of the attack damage comes from breakthrough skills like spear quicken and auto attack runes. Spirit: Spirit is extremely good while leveling in Classic, allowing you to regen health out of combat and reduces the amount of time you spend eating. ... Badak Banget Ini Dia Build Tank Paladin Ragnarok Eternal Love Yang How To Get Raccoon Leaf Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide Devotion 2. This build focus more on counter attacking (Shield Reflect) and defensive tactic (auto cast Heal, Guard, Defending Aura), rather than being highly offensive as their Lord Knight counterpart (see Lord Knight's Build: The Speedfreak). Lvl 10 Retribution – Increase ATK by 50, 10% more DMG to Undead & Devil I use Defending Aura + Holy Cross to … Spear Mastery - 10 Spear Quicken - 10 Peco Ride - 1 Cavalier Mastery - 5 Faith - 10 Holy Cross - 10 Holy Cross actually works better with 2 handed spears. Strength: This is going to be your primary damage increasing stat, more strength means more attack power which means faster kill speed. I have a +7 CScythe and a +7HellFire that I use. If you are riding a Grand Pecopeco you must also get off your mount. Mythic+ is a special type of dungeon mode in World of Warcraft, offering players an endlessly-scaling challenge. Paladin SKills [without Heal]: Faith 10 Holy Cross 6 Grand Cross 10 Auto Guard 10 Smith 3 Shield Boomerang 3 Reflect Shield 10 Gloria Domini 5 Peco Riding 1 *11 Skill Points Left-This build must tag with Angeling Armor due to the lack of vit. Paladin. 1. faith or trust 10 2. go all the way to have heal lv 5 3. then holy cross lv 6 4. Or if you're a rich jerk pick up a rideword and a nyd :3, This is not recommended for shared computers. – **Heavens Mercenary for leveling in toy factory (almost forget that one important thing mate =p) – To all readers and respondents. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Lasts 30 sec. Getting Holy Cross on the other hand really lets you hurt Undead and Shadow type guys who are very resistant to everything else and thus opens up more places to lvl.I agree with you on the Crescent Scythe spear though mostly. Holy Power is a returning resource for Holy Paladin. Revo Classic Paladin Guide. You can adjust your build as you level. 1. For a holy cross sader what's a good build statwise? Just do your skills like this. The only reason why I presume Agility as the tertiary stat is because of the popular belief that aspd is needed for Holy Cross. Pally) build I'm about to share with you is the one build you make to go into the front lines and gladly welcome a truckload of punishment.