The club also comes with a range of lie angles right from 56.5° through to 57.5° to ensure the accuracy of each shot. A lot of people prefer using a 3-wood as opposed to a driver. The author(s) and owner of of are NOT trained electricians, mechanics or technicians. So taking a 3-wood out of the bag could put a lot of long approach shots out of reach. This can also help the ball cover longer distances than what is achieved by using a driver. For many golfers, a 3 wood will give overall better results than a driver and can be used regularly off the tee and even replace the driver. The benefits of a 3 wood make it much easier to hit the ball off the tee and deliver an impressive shot. The ideal 3 wood ball position is to have it directly below the logo of your shirt. By using the content on this website, you agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer. The call here is to keep swinging the big dog unless it’s become impossible for you to find a fairway. The lightweight Triaxial Carbon Crown aids in further lowering the CG that adds to the forgiveness. And yes, the only real difference in a 3 wood and strong 3 wood is the 2 degree loft difference in most cases. Strong 3-woods decreases the number of shots needed due to the accuracy and consistency it brings to each shot. A EZGO golf cart may not go forward or reverse because of a  malfunctioning microswitch, solenoid, or ignition switch. A Yamaha golf cart is a better option over an EZGO golf cart as it is more power-efficient and has lower maintenance costs. This club may not be a great fit for golfers with a low swing speed given the smaller size of the clubhead. Your driver is commonly between 9 – 12 degrees of loft, a 3-wood between 15 degrees and 18 degrees and the 5-wood loft is between 20 and 22 degrees. 20-25 years ago at my peak of golfing prowess I never carried a driver. Golfers who struggle to hit the ball off the tee can switch to a Strong 3-wood. “So we designed a club that gives the control and accuracy of a 3-wood, but also built it to play as close to a driver as possible.” Some amateurs, Travis P. added, just don’t get on with a 460cc club, as they are unable to square up so large a head. No matter your power or swing speed, pretty much everyone hits farther with a big old number one club. Their 3 wood goes as far as anybody's driver. This was causing them to deloft the driver at impact. Let’s face it, somedays, your driver swing just isn’t there. Why Club Car Jerks and Shakes When Taking Off? The difference between the yardage offered by a driver and a Strong 3-wood when a golfer with an average swing speed makes a shot is a mere 14-15 yards. Your 3 wood will also give you the air time I talked about yesterday. When choosing a 3 wood, it is imperative to choose something that has high ball speed, a premium graphite shaft, and low spin. Thread starter #1. kid2 Money List Winner. The Strong 3-wood has a lower loft than the 3-wood. It has a tall face that aids with great off-the-tee shots. Strong 3-woods help achieve accurate shots and bring consistency to the game. Try to lift the ball into the air as this can cause thin or fat shots. It offers a low spin rate that delivers longer shots. Malfunctioning microswitch. I had a strong 3 wood (it was a Wilson staff metal, I still have it gathering dust somewhere and the head is tiny!!!). 3 woods now all come with a graphite shaft. The 3-wood brings a reduction to the sidespin, giving it an edge over its counterpart. But the keyword here is “well-struck.” How often do you strike a driver solidly when compared with a 3-wood? Yes you should add a strong 3 wood to your golf bag. I have been enjoying golf for 15 years and love sharing my tips and knowledge of the game with everyone. So you don' t need to go out and buy another driver if … It might not be the best option if you are hitting your ball off the deck but fits right in when you hit off-the-tee shots. Loose […], link to EZGO Vs Yamaha Golf Carts (The Difference Explained), link to Why EZGO Golf Cart Won’t Move Forward or Reverse, Using a Strong 3 Wood Instead of a Driver, 4 Wood Vs 3 Wood Distance (Best Club Explained), 7 Wood; Distance, Loft, Length (7 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid) + Chart, 11 Wood; Distance, Loft (11 Wood Vs 5 Hybrid) + Chart. Or at least a solid choice as a second driver. The 3-wood is clearly giving these players more distance. His 3-Wood 7 [wlvar_Upgrade] I pulled some nice shots of Tiger teeing off at Firestone a few weeks ago and it gives us the opportunity to compare his driver swing, which has taken a lot of criticism for its lack of consistency and accuracy, and his 3-wood, which has been his go-to club in most situations that haven’t required extra distance. The numbers on clubs don't mean much anymore except to tell the player which club it is he is using. When you lower the loft, you’ll find it becomes more difficult to hit the golf ball. This design feature helps transfer more speed to the ball from the clubhead which in turn adds more distance to the shot. But considering the distance difference between driver and 3 wood (see above) there is not much advantage to hitting a 3 wood from the tee, unless there is a hazard in range with your driver. If you are a golfer who finds it challenging to take off-the-deck shots using a Strong 3-wood and a consistently straight shot using a driver, a mini-driver is your best bet. An amateur golfer can start off playing with a Strong 3-wood and then gradually progress to a driver. Strong 3 wood Vs Driver. Like many strong fairway woods on the market, the idea behind the Ping Rapture fairway wood is to produce a fast, long, compact head that can be used mainly off the tee, but offer workability from the turf as well. Its loft angle ranges from 13.5 to 18°. Apart from the driver, the fairway woods are, as a group, the longest clubs, at about 41 to 43.5 inches. Of course, we all know why the 3-wood hasn’t caught on with handicappers: loss of distance when compared with the driver. Play the ball too far back in your stance. Which is better EZGO or Yamaha Golf Cart? The difference between the yardage offered by a driver and a Strong 3-wood when a golfer with an average swing speed makes a shot is only 14-15 yards. If the beginner starts with a driver, they may miss out on learning low launch shots. This can only be achieved via a change in the setup and not by altering the swing. A Strong 3-wood helped the popular golfer Henrik Stenson with his victory at the 2016 Open Championship held in Scotland. Based on this data, it seems like a 3-wood and 15°-18° hybrid would be a great combo. Harvey Penick said golfers who grew up in west Texas couldn't hit a driver. It saves on the number of shots due to the accuracy and consistency it brings to each shot. Though the springlike effect has continued to improve on fairway woods, which probably accounts for adding a few yards, the fact is that for slower swingers, 205 yards off the tee probably isn’t enough except for the shortest of par 4s. The wider head size brings distance even to your mishits. Your 3 wood! How to Hit a 3-Wood Off the Tee . “The Mini is 100cc larger than a typical 3-wood, making it more forgiving,” he says. Strong grips … This de-lofts club, makes it more difficult to get the ball airborne, and produces a low, hard-running shot. In this aspect, a Strong 3-wood might not come in handy. It's a 4-5 year old Adams 3-wood, so not the latest technology, and I believe it's a "strong" 3 with 15 degrees of loft. The differences between the two are as follows: Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf. Use this information at your own risk. There are several pros and cons concerning both the strong 3-wood and the driver: Strong 3-wood and mini-driver have their unique places at a golf course. When using your driver, if you’re not able to launch the ball well off from a tee, a Strong 3-wood is a good alternative. Also, you may be able to change the shaft in the driver. The driver and 3-wood each hit tee shots that led to five GIR, and three of those were the same holes, handicaps 3, 12 and 14, two short par-4s and a par-5. The Ping G400 Stretch Fairway wood is a Strong 3-Wood with a loft angle of 13°. If you’ve got good speed, the driver can generate unparalleled back roll, and when used correctly, will get you your best length. So is the 3-wood the new driver? Golf Bags. Defective ignition switch. Though the Strong 3-wood has a smaller face, the comparatively shorter 42-inch club offers a lot more control to the golfer than a driver whose club is roughly 45 inches in length. The Callaway Rouge’s Strong 3-wood with a loft angle of 13.5° features the Jailbreak technology. 3-woods became very popular when Tiger Woods won the championship while rarely using his driver! A strong 3-wood brings more accuracy and consistency to your shots than a 3-wood. It is mainly used by golfers to add an impressive distance to their shots. The best 3 woods will come packed with forgiveness. Some golfers may opt for a Strong 3-wood over a driver for various reasons, such as: Although a driver is considered the golfers’ favorite as it offers an impressive distance to the shot, a Strong 3-wood could be the best choice for amateur golfers as it has a significant edge over a driver. A Strong 3-wood gives you the appropriate lift needed to hit the ball off the tee. In general, it should be about the same. Since Strong-3 woods come with a lower loft angle than 3 and 5 woods, it helps golfers greatly with low shots. Thread starter kid2; Start date Feb 27, 2011; Feb 27, 2011. So a 3 wood is a valuable club that can give you the needed distance off the tee and is more versatile than a driver. However I would suggest if your handicap is over 12 you would be doing yourself a favour by opting for the more traditinonal 15 degree 3 wood. It was a fairway finder! 1. The perfection that a Strong 3-wood adds to the off-the-tee shots is unmatchable. Most golfers barely manage to elevate the ball off the ground using a strong 3-wood. Doing so is dangerous and could result in serious bodily harm. 3-wood with its higher loft angle allows for an increase in the backspin rate of the ball. While amateur golfers prefer the former, the more experienced once swear by the latter. This can help the ball cover longer distances than what is achieved by using a driver. If you use a strong 3-wood for an off-the-deck shot, it might not deliver the adequate spin rate. Maybe, but what it really might be is a thinner-faced, hotter and lighter version of the old driver. The driver is great at hitting off-the-deck shots. This control delivers impressive shots by connecting the ball with the center of the clubface just before impact. Losing 14-15 yards while using a strong 3-wood may not be the biggest compromise for some golfers as they are gaining control and consistency. A higher loft angle increases trajectory to the ball, thus delivering longer shots. They are hitting a draw with every club. 3 Wood Vs Driver. I consider it my gold standard. Also, handling a driver requires a certain amount of experience as it demands that the ball take an upward route after impact. The slower swingers, however, dropped only 14.35 yards (219.3 to 204.95). I think everyone has a ' favorite club' in his or her bag. If you are a pro at hitting the ball both off the tee and off the deck, the Titleist TS3 is a good choice of club. The difference makes sense as slower swingers often benefit from added carry from the extra loft while faster swings produce extra spin on a 3-wood that robs them of distance. Technically, the driver is a wood -- the 1-wood -- although, you’ll probably never hear it called anything but a driver. If you’re average off the tee, having a strong-lofted 3-wood essentially gives you a second driver (albeit with a weaker loft) to use. The club also comes with a range of loft angles other than 13.5°, like 15°, 17°, 19°, 20°, 21°, 23°, and 25°. The lower degree of loft, the more swing speed it takes to hit the ball; and deliver a shot. It is easier to hit the ball off the tee using a Strong 3-wood. On the other hand, it’s much easier to hit it off the deck using the 3-wood. On three of the 10 par-4s, the approach shots for the driver/Titleist were wedge distance, three times they were 7-irons and the others were long irons or hybrids. The reason? The lofts have increased so much that a 5 iron 20 years ago is a 7 iron today. This technology includes two metal bars that connect the crown of the clubhead to its bottom. While the 3-wood has a loft of 15°, the strong 3-wood comes with a rough loft range of 13-14°. Hi there.  If your swing speeds are low, you will need more loft in your wood. A 3-wood is designed to hit the ball off the ground. Many beginner golfers struggle with using a driver, but instead find using a strong 3 wood easier to hit off the tee. But, that doesn’t mean you should replace all your woods. A compromise of roughly 14 yards distance might seem too small to some golfers in exchange for accurate off-the-tee shots every time they take a shot. So, to begin with, a Strong 3-wood could be a beginner’s best bet rather than jumping the gun with a driver that requires a strong swing each time you take a shot. Apart from the Strong 3-wood club, the TS3 also comes with loft angles other than 13.5°. A strong 3 (known a number of years ago as a 2 wood) is still a fairly demanding club to hit. Should a 3 wood shaft be stiffer than driver? I use my 3-wood from the teebox, hitting of a tee, not the turf. Whilst it has 13 degrees of loft and says 3 on the sole, Ping are describing it as a "versatile driver alternative". It also comes with a considerably larger Active Recoil Channel of 3.0 which delivers great shots even if your ball contacts the lower part of the clubface. The webmaster of and the author(s) is not responsible for any loss in damages, financial loss, personal injury, or death. First of all---apologies for what may be a naive question; still lots to learn. Here are some other frequently asked questions about purchasing a 3 wood. I assume that you are opting for the strong 3 wood to minimise distance loss over the driver. Though the Strong 3-wood has a smaller face, the comparatively shorter 42-inch club offers a lot more control to the golfer than a driver with a 45 inches long club. Both the 3-wood and driver are different in a lot of ways. This directly impacts the curvature of the ball. "We think most people will hit their driver 20-30 yards farther than their 3-wood off the tee," says Tom Olsavsky, senior director of product creation at TaylorMade. The lower the loft, the lower the ball should travel but it will provide more distance. Editor's Note: This story first appeared in the June 29 issue of Golf Digest Stix. Strong 3-wood is more forgiving with the swing action as even a few mishits can sometimes convert into great shots. This low loft angle helps golfers hit low shots with greater accuracy compare to a regular 3 wood. Back in the day of steel shafts and wooden heads, most people could hit a 5 wood farther than a 1,2, or 3 wood. All my other clubs must match its performance. Under NO circumstances should you attempt to fix your golf cart on your own. Strong 3-woods are manufactured specifically to bring down the drag experienced when the club cuts through the air. The faster swingers lost 27.6 yards (260.05 yards with the driver to 232.45 yards with the 3-wood). Just as 60 is the new 40, then 3-wood might be the new driver. Additionally, the large head and higher moment of inertia on a driver provides more forgiveness on mis-hits. That club is closer to the driver than the irons. The remaining woods are called fairway woods. Loose or corroded cable connections or a faulty controller can also cause the golf cart to not move. I guess now days it is the 3 wood. Yamaha carts are more economical than EZGO because they have no fuel pumps and filters to refill or replace. Talk to your local club fitter about shortening your shaft length to make the club even more forgiving for you. With the mini driver, the ball covers a longer distance and elevates more easily than with a Strong 3-wood. My clubhead speed is around 105, and I hit it around 235-250. But is this something everyday players should embrace? In fact, we tested a 43-inch driver with 13.5 degrees of loft against a 43-inch fairway wood, and players got about a four times tighter dispersion pattern with the driver. If you are struggling with your driver to hit the ball off the tee, it’s time you switched to a Strong 3-wood. The Strong 3-wood has a loft range of 13-14° which is more than the mini-driver’s12°. When using a strong 3-wood, there is a higher chance of sidespin being produced. The information on this website has not been verified for accuracy and should only be used for general information purposes only. I've been struggling a bit lately with my 3 wood off the fairway so I was thinking of changing it for a strong Hybrid. The mini-driver has a larger head and less loft compared to a strong 3-wood. This ball should be in the front-center of your stance, approximately one to two inches behind where you place your driver. On average, a 3 wood hits 1.5% more fairways in regulation. The perfection that a Strong 3-wood adds to the off-the-tee shots is unmatchable. Strong 3-wood falls short when you attempt an off-the-deck with it. Although a driver is considered the golfers’ favorite as it offers an impressive distance to the shot, a Strong 3-wood could be the best choice for amateur golfers as it has a significant edge over a driver. The weight of the shaft ranges from 40g to 80g. Now, simply changing from a 9.5 to a 10.5 driver may solve this issue, but it will also create more spin. My name is Ernie Lo and I'm an avid golf fan! 3 wood distance vs driver distance. A 3-iron and the 3-hybrid … Although it completely depends on the golfer’s handling skill, there are a few distinct differences between the two. Also, the club may not give the needed elevation to your ball, making it challenging to launch the ball into the air. Overswing. What is a strong 3 wood? Test one of those out to see if a 13 degree driver works. Is there any difference besides length/adapter in driver shafts vs. fairway wood shafts? The lower loft angle makes it easier to hit the ball into the wind. You know, it’s a funny thing with the driver and its loft compared to the other clubs in the bag. One thing to consider, too, for those who struggle with accuracy in their driver, that a shorter shaft can help with control. This control delivers impressive shots by connecting the ball with the center of the clubface just before impact. Feb 27, 2011 … The switches of Yamaha […], Why won’t my EZGO golf cart go forward or reverse? The Internal Standing Wave Technology incorporated in the club positions the CG (Center of Gravity) at the correct place at the bottom of the clubhead to induce an impressive launch. Driver Selector Tool Get Started; Gear. Mine happens to be my 3 wood. The club would be a great fit for golfers who have no problem getting the ball off the ground and high up into the air. Expect greater accuracy and more consistency when using a strong 3 wood. If your driver was made sometime in the last 10 or so years, it also has an internal system that … There are several pros and cons concerning both the strong 3-wood and the driver: There are several benefits of using a Strong 3 Wood: Both the Strong 3-wood and regular 3-wood each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s the longest club you have, and is generally the most forgiving (as well as the most expensive, of course). © 2020 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Make the right choice between hitting driver vs. 3-wood, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. The lower the loft gets on a club, the harder it can be to hit. This will help transfer more power to the ball during impact by keeping both the crown and the bottom from moving away from each other. Although the mini-driver takes the cake with the off-the-deck shots, a golfer cannot ask for anything better than a Strong 3-wood to hit an off-the-tee shot. The golf club category known as “woods” features large clubheads that used to be made from actual wood not too long ago, but are now made from metal. The 3-wood's loft (usually 13-15°) is sufficient to get it off the deck with a normal swing. They had very strong grip. Henrik Stenson prefers his 3 wood to the driver. Finally, I understand an individuals preference concerning comfort and confidnece with specific clubs (driver vs 3-wood, old vs new, etc)–but, statistically I would wager more lower scores across a wider data base of players if we reached for the 3-wood of choice off the tee. Players who hit their 3- or 5-wood as far or longer than their driver are typically using too little loft with the driver for their clubhead speed. EZGO Vs Yamaha Golf Carts (The Difference Explained), Why EZGO Golf Cart Won’t Move Forward or Reverse. The faster swingers lost 27.6 yards (260.05 yards with the driver to 232.45 yards with the 3-wood). 3 Wood Buying Guide. The slower swingers, however, dropped only 14.35 yards (219.3 to 204.95). Strong 3 wood vs driver. Certainly we see this quite often on the professional tours. I was able to put it out there and never found myself under "length pressure". A low spin rate that the club delivers gives very little room for error in your shots. The shaft length makes a big difference - a longer shaft means more distance while a shorter shaft means more accuracy. A 3-wood needs comparatively lesser swing speed than a Strong 3-wood when launching the ball into the air. The TS3 also offers a mid-launch which makes it a tad difficult to elevate the ball off the ground and into the air. How Much Does a Club Car Golf Cart Weigh? and lower) to determine just how much those players lost in distance from their big stick to their next big stick. For 2012, TaylorMade debuted the much-hyped RocketBallz 3-wood, with promise that the 15-degree version will surpass your old 3-wood by at least 17 yards. Using a strong 3-wood with a loft of 13-14° can make your off-the-deck shots even more difficult. It can be quite challenging to hit a ball off the deck with a loft angle lesser than around 15-17°. A 3 wood is a golf club that is designed with a low loft angle between 13-14 degrees. It produces a combination of high launch and low spin which adds distance to the shot. With your irons, when you lower the loft angle of the clubhead, you typically hit the ball farther. This club manages to keep your golf ball low while sending it off to a longer distance right after impact. Golf Digest ran a test a couple years ago with players at high swing speeds (over 105 miles per hour) and slower swing speeds (95 m.p.h. Faulty solenoid. And it’s true: A solidly hit three-wood could result in 20-30 yards less carry than a well-struck driver.