I also added a couple of the roasted asparagus and the lemon slices to the vitamix ??? I added fresh spinach and hot pepper flakes. My pasta loving son is a junk food vegetarian. I would highly recommend you add two bunches of asparagus while cooking, and adding fresh basil and fresh argula on top along with the other items she suggests. https://www.veganricha.com/fettuccine-tomato-cream-sauce-asparagus I used roasted garlic and about a teaspoon of miso paste (I put that stuff in everything) for some extra oomph. Maybe half of a can? Thank you. I can’t wait for dinner tonight (leftovers!). Would definitely make again, especially the sauce! That’s one of my summer dinner sorted! Creamy Lemon Alfredo style sauce with tofu with fettuccine and pan roasted garlic asparagus and more lemon. Discard the ends, and then cut the asparagus into pieces about 1 1/2-inch long. I was very excited but unimpressed with how it came together for the most part. I don’t think it would be as good as cornstarch or arrowroot, so start there. Could I use stock instead of of almond milk? You crush it every time! Serve the double rosé pasta hot with vegan “parmesan,” chili flakes, and chopped basil. I wouldn’t use stock for all of the almond milk, or it will not be as creamy. Such a simple recipe and so delicious. Bring a pot of water to a boil. I forgot the lemon to roast the asparagus but I added it to the sauce. I think a bit more lemon would be great too! Looks amazing., Richa! I create flavorful plant based recipes that are inspired by my Indian upbringing, including many gluten-free, soy-free, and oil-free options. After the sauce thickened, I added the lemon juice, whisked it in, and then tossed my vegetables in the sauce. Super excited to make this. Your recipe actually doesn’t mention how much garlic to add in with the mushrooms so I only used one clove (since I had initially chopped up two for the asparagus haha). Made a video of the process too… Thanks for all the great recipes! All your adjectives were spot-on. Just made this. He said it tasted “alright”. The two yeasts are grown on different mediums. I’ve been experimenting with eating vegan for about a month and a half— which has been hard with my cheese obsession and love of dairy—but this recipe was proof that I don’t need dairy to have a tasty, creamy, comforting meal! I am pretty new to vegan cooking though, and I’m wondering if I go for the soy free version, do I have to soak the cashews before I blend them? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Also used chick pea pasta instead of regular, and spelt flour instead of all-purpose flour. I’m not a big asparagus fan (my husband is) but roasting the asparagus really made a big difference in the flavor. The tofu sauce is pure genius. More Details. Put 1 cup of the pasta water into a small saucepan. amazing !! Cook the fettuccine or other pasta of choice. I’ll definitely make again and again. 17 gm of protein, creamy lemon asparagus pasta, creamy lemon sauce for aspragus, lemon asparagus pasta, , chopped into 2 inch pieces, remove tough bottom stem, , use starch or rice flour to make glutenfree, (I like 1 tsp basil, 1/2 tsp parsley, 1/3 tsp rosemary). I asked my son if he liked it (he loves pasta and all carbs). Will probably work. I”m glad that everyone enjoyed it. If it looks runny, add remaining flour (or cornstarch). Will definitely be a repeat in our house. Lemon Asparagus Pasta Ingredients. Yes you can.there might be separation, but it will mix in when you heat it. It also seemed to make way more than 2-3 servings! Then … Just use a good gluten-free pasta. This Savory Asparagus Galette with Vegan Ricotta is an easy yet impressive dinner or weekend brunch idea, and perfect for summer al fresco dining. Hi Richa! Add asparagus to a baking sheet and toss with 1/2 Tbsp olive oil and a pinch each salt and pepper (amounts as original recipe is written // alter if adjusting batch size). Hi Amy! Will def make again, it was super simple! Suggestion: I reheated it stove top and added a little more almond milk to keep it from getting dry. You could also swap the chicken out for 1 pound of Italian Sausage. Just made this and the asparagus complement the pasta so well , as a non vegan Alfredo pasta was my favorite. Other meat options- This recipe is also delicious with flank steak or sirloin steak bits. Spring is here, and thus the salad season is starting! … Optional soy curls or chickpeas add heartiness, making this Asparagus Mushroom Pasta a very filling vegan main dish. Hi, I'm Richa! Very easy, very creamy. I think I’ll try the oat milk. I added capers to mine to give it a little more zing. This recipe looks great I can’t wait to try it! Loved this! Pasta; Dinner; Asparagus; Vegetarian; Ingredients. I used black bean pasta as it has a lot of protein. Once your sauce has reached desired thickness, add the juice of half a lemon and stir. I look forward to trying more of your recipes! Perhaps grate some organic lemon rind into the sauce while cooking it? That’s a major difference. You could used Better than Bullion or a similar seasoning to kick up the flavor. And of course it didn’t look quite as pretty as your photography, but still very appetizing looking and oh so flavorful. A vegan pasta that requires simple ingredients and just 30 minutes! What a beautiful dish too! Creamy, silky, lemony pasta goodness!! Thank you for this recipe. Thank you so much for this amazing and easy to make recipe! have you ever grown it or seen it growing in a garden? Asparagus has a very delicate taste, which you won’t experience if you drown it in strong other flavours. Thanks Dana! Also, I found the nutritional yeast in the spice section at my store. I chose to add the lemons on top and squeeze some of juice too. In the meantime, bring a pot of water to a boil and salt generously. Pulse until almost smooth. This looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, it’s changed my life! A simple, garlicky vegan cauliflower-cashew alfredo sauce is tossed with sautéed asparagus … This was good – it reminded me of the boxed Daiya Mac and Cheese. If the mixture needs more moistness, add about ¼ cup of the reserved pasta cooking water at a time. Vegan Nutfree Recipe. Totally my own fault. It’s a new favorite, Not the best, but I only have a bottle of lemon juice rather than fresh lemons. Add shaved asparagus, lemon juice and vegan parmesan to the pan and sauté for an additional 2-3 minutes, or until asparagus is tender. I followed it exactly as is and wouldn’t change a thing. This recipe is so simple and so good! Add the blended sauce and simmer. Add onion and mushrooms and cook until translucent. It was very good, easy to make. The bechamel sauce was exceptionally good that I don’t think I’d ever want to buy those packed ones any more. Stir the pasta periodically and let the pasta cook until it is al dente. I haven’t heard that from anyone else, which is why it’s so surprising! I’ll be making this again for a quick week night meal. The lemon and roasted asparagus marry perfectly together in this dish to create a flavor combination I can’t get enough of. It’s a great way to make a creamy vegan sauce without a blender, I think this will be my go-to method in the future! I used penne pasta, the sauce perfectly nestled into the creases of the pasta. I love your creamy vegan pasta sauce – it’s so delicious! Will omit next time. Seriously people, eat your greens with every meal. But it’s plenty lemony just from adding a lot of juice at the end…I love lemon, so lemony is a big deal for me! This dish was so creamy and delicious! yes sauces and pastas are best when they compliment/match each other. Simple, light, delicious. I added about 1 tbsp of flour and about 1/2 tsp taragon (just for extra flavor as I feel it goes well with lemon). It was awesome. A keeper recipe :’) 8 oz pasta; 1 lb asparagus; 1 cup frozen sweet peas; 10 oz cherry tomatoes; 1/2 red onion; Dressing. Once hot, add olive oil (1 Tbsp as original recipe is written), garlic (4 cloves as original recipe is written), mushrooms, and asparagus. Thanks, Thalia! Add asparagus, pinch of salt and black pepper and mix. I didn’t even blend the sauce and it was great. I didn’t end up needing the blender. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I understand this is down to personal preference. This is definitely going into regular rotation- this is only our third day of veganism & with recipes like this it is absolutely easy!