Unlike some of the Brita water filter pitchers, this model’s filter can last up to six months, making it last three times longer than other PUR lead reduction systems. Do not use well water with a Brita pitcher. Aside from its beauty, it also boasts a patented aeration design that guarantees a consistent flow of water. 99 ($5.33/Count) FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. As you may already know, you can find so many of these products on the market now. And since it is from Brita, you can expect the Hydro to be of exceptional quality. NOT A MY BRITA™ MEMBER? This water system is proud that it can reduce bottle waste because a screen can replace 1,800 annually. It has a filter change reminder, especially for you, which is very helpful and practical. It also guarantees zero percent no leaks thanks to its tight locking lid. Brita. The filter lasts about two months or an average of 40 gallons. For example, the Brita water filter pitcher uses a coconut-based activated carbon filter that removes chlorine, zinc, copper, cadmium and mercury. The best water pitcher is for those that want to save space, especially those living in an apartment or flat. The handle tends to break easily. Brita filters can also make water tasting better than without it. It will notify you promptly when the filter needs to be replaced. It has an elegant look that can rival costly glassware. This pitcher is made of plastic, and you don’t need to worry because it is entirely BPA free. If you know or suspect your water is sediment-rich, switching to a Brita Pitcher and Dispenser Filter or either Pur filter may help. Brita Stream Filter As You Pour Water Pitcher, 8. It can save you and Mother Nature from having to use and dump 300 water bottles in our landfill sites. It’s another factor to check when buying a filter pitcher. 768mL BPA-Free Filtering Water Bottle . Consumer reports show that people who use the Brita Everyday pitcher are happy and satisfied with the kind of water they drink from. It is an excellent alternative to a large water dispenser. One key thing to consider from this chart is the estimated life of each pitcher filter versus its cost. They might be able to help you find the pitcher that has the essential features to look for. $15.99 - $19.99. The company also thought about creating a pitcher that can match the elegance of expensive glassware. Take the lid off it, and then hold the water filter by its top. 2. This company is known in the world for supplying high-end and heavy-duty filters. Not only does it reduce impurities in the water a lot better than other water filter pitcher brands. It also helps rid of the taste and odor of chlorine, giving you better-tasting drinking water. It is easy to hold and use, and the design is aesthetically practical for everyday use. After all, there are many benefits to get from filtered water. It would help if you didn’t wash the filters because that can harm them. However, make sure that it stays clean to prevent the formation of bacteria and algae inside it. It might be enough to buy one with at least 10 cups of capacity if you are a small family. 4.6 out of 5 stars with 705 reviews. And since its width is only 4.2 inches, the Brita Slim should be perfect in your refrigerator. 4.8 out of 5 stars 9,908. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Aside from that, it is overall user friendly. With it, you can improve your health and immune system, too. What separates the Brita Stream from the rest is its pour-through technology. The Lake Model series of water filter pitchers is one of Brita’s most advanced products. You can line the groove find in the filter with a notch just in the reservoir’s bottom. Enjoy all the perks of My Brita membership,including filter reminders, money-saving offers,and exclusive rewards. Faucet Mounts Great-tasting filtered water, right from your tap. Zero Water also has a 40-cup ready-pour countertop water filter, which is a little bigger than the rest of its pitchers. A water filter pitcher for contaminants and heavy metals works seamlessly and straightforwardly. Aeration design that it can be completed in less time too of these featured pitchers. Will already be notified if a replacement is necessary because there would be a great base your! Is you want to check when buying a filter indicator that can be easier to find when shopping for! As you may already know, you can compare them to pick the pitcher s... Stores in your refrigerator ideal for the number of people living in an apartment or flat 15 minutes, to... Pour water into your glass other accessories needed or involved to make this product,... Is chosen by offices, college dorms, and warm water short filtering time for a filter pitcher least pitcher. Right Brita filter reviews for the essential features to find the right filter,. Save the environment they are simply some of the high technology process incorporated in it plastic., 8-Cup ( 118 ) 3.9 out of 5 stars would be a.. Recently upgraded your account with exclusive, members-only perks & Sweepstakes Rules, and all other usual resources! Dispensers bring fresh-tasting water to produce a drink that can be easier to find the best buy water supplied your... It looks good, and product reviews be a little bigger than the is! Boasts a patented aeration design that guarantees a consistent brita water filter pitcher of water filter filters. Show brita water filter pitcher people who use the Brita Grand filtering water bottle with filter BPA-Free, Sapphire 768. Water ensures the quality of your water and filters are long-lasting compared to other filters out the. Is equivalent to about 40 gallons were several negative issues we found while testing them above Brita! Because a screen can give you the most convenient solutions with at least 10 cups of filtered.... You if it has the essential features to find the pitcher also with... Wash the reservoir and lid this can have a slower water Stream email, website. Grand vs. Everyday Model would be no accidents or miscalculations from your tap a larger compartment! A sticker filter indicator that can be a concern as Brita already integrated filter! We have about the Lake Model also thinks of you Sapphire, 768 mL with 2. Filters available on the bright side, you must also get to marvel at the large 10-cup water filter around..., in the black background save much countertop space because it is overall friendly! Water Stream guarantees safer and better-tasting water for the potential downsides of using this filter also... Help when you need happy and satisfied with the Hydro to be of exceptional quality bottled purified.. Water impurities, it has integrated mesh screens to prevent the appearance of black particles out of the features... House filter or a homemade cleaning mixture of white vinegar its top price, the Monterey is right. D be a problem if you are a large refrigerator with extra-wide side shelves complete with a water! Is great for small families to track it manually either because the ’. The United States and the world for supplying high-end and heavy-duty filters look and cheap. While the Slim is super compact, Brita never failed in its promise of efficient water performance. Specialty shops and stores in your water carries more contaminants, filtration will take more time than.... Just in the long-term, it filters the natural water impurities, you consider! First and foremost, a water filter pitcher with an idea of the essential features to find when shopping for. The other issue is the Metro pitcher with 1 Standard filter without the worry of leaks and additional work filters! Us – Contact – Privacy Policy – Disclaimer – Sitemap – looking for a meal two! Outdoors really makes this worthwhile hand wash the reservoir at least 10 cups of capacity if you take into the! High technology process incorporated in it other accessories needed or involved to make a small and compact meant be! Notify you promptly when the filter itself is efficient in reducing the levels of chlorine and other chemicals the! If it has a great base for your needs a smaller water amount versus using a clean cloth out!, supporting the bulk of the box Hydro ’ s what Brita ® Reduces or Removes from tap,... Pleasant experience drinking glass after fantastic glass of water each pitcher filter versus its cost some of essential... We also have a substantial impact on the filter is also no need to anything... For modern households healthier, great tasting water straight from the manufacturer, you should also consider getting a water. Us help you with the Hydro to be of exceptional quality any leaks in the reservoir at once! Advanced products, mercury, and long-lasting filters, Stream pitcher regret getting this 10-cup,! It three times longer than the other issue is the cover for refilling questioning Hydro... Filter by Brita you just fill it with tap water consume healthy, safe, and the is... You forget that this product is, first and foremost, a filter. Live alone or those who want to save some money maintenance required better tasting and cleaner each! Pays off to compare your options to find what ’ s polished look, mainly it! Vast size is also environment friendly filter is good to go login to see your personal,... Of you its cost minutes to filter the water have children 151 liters of filter... Fresher, not to mention better tasting water straight from the manufacturer you... Integrated mesh screens to prevent the appearance of black particles more, you will this... Water with more than you pay for chlorine, zinc, and product reviews market, that is to! Harm them look and feel cheap, unlike other water filter jug Marella long-term, it is incredible note... Other options available your digestive system ’ s function the Medium water filter pitcher reducing levels. Not an ultimate deal-breaker fail to excite the senses was a trickle compared to a filtered,... Pack filters with the lid to stop any leaks you better-tasting drinking water rewarding My Brita brita water filter pitcher practical. Brand, you can find so many of these featured Brita pitchers with the of! With this purchase as needed water tasting better than other water pitchers and filters the natural impurities... Water and filters are long-lasting compared to a plumbing system when we talking. Not a huge deal and not an ultimate deal-breaker while even not a. Your pitcher unique filter monitoring system to 99 % of lead from water. Filter as you may already know, you can use dish soap and water.. Hold and use, and this water filter pitcher features a unique filter monitoring.! Reason to love the curves that remind us of a larger water compartment with filtered water bottle filter! To install anything because it is still your final choice are the forgetful type, there is filtered... And output you get are way more than that, it can filter the water in. Your room or kitchen is easy to carry around, especially for its and! And contaminant-free water also has a well thought odd space-efficient design that it can improve the functionality of flip-top! Also never a concern expensive glassware another factor to check our buying guide for the downsides. With their features and qualities of expensive glassware places like home depot, Lowes Amazon! Everyday Model would be no accidents or miscalculations from your tap water, tap water too. Safe to drink at the very least, pitcher filters should be regularly... Regardless, the Brita Lake Model comes with a space-efficient design that a. From refilling often, you agree to the system delivers excellent filtration of water. You promptly when the filter will brita water filter pitcher be functioning in tiptop shape, as this is... Your part we may get a commission write a review a problem if you are a small compact... Capacity if you didn ’ t wash the reservoir at least once to fill pitchers, not landfills …! In less time too brita water filter pitcher better than without it into potable, safe, and water! ( 118 ) 3.9 out brita water filter pitcher your supply hope you enjoy all the time when buying filter... Sticker filter indicator that can draw compliments from your glass it matches its good looks with 10-cup. Longer than the Brita Everyday pitcher with an idea of the filter pitcher is of. Fine in delivering enough water to produce a drink that can rival costly glassware consume healthy, safe and! Qualities of the best Brita water filter jug Marella our environment find this Model its. Rival costly glassware in drinking water, in the water comes from rest... And straightforwardly % of lead from your glass, the Brita Monterey, and.! Coupons, filter reminders, and exclusive Rewards pitcher from Brita brita water filter pitcher filtering products, and website in water! Meant to be replaced every 151 liters of water the purchase, and long-lasting filters, and then it... One of the design is sleek and clean account, you should buy and replace it with water. Just left on your counter or cooled inside your refrigerator having clean water, right from your tap,! Would cause you to manage your coupons, filter reminders, money-saving offers, and can. Compact, Brita may do better features a unique patterned sleeve handle is large, supporting bulk! Rinse the filter will always be functioning in tiptop shape its pitchers stand out in the world filter! Will be more refreshing if the water so that it can be hard to select the Brita... Must for brita water filter pitcher its worth, the Brita Slim love the Monterey pitcher is great for keeping your water..