Since the State Agreement was established more than 40 years ago, the Mitchell Plateau Joint Venture (Rio Tinto and Alcoa) has actively evaluated the development of an integrated bauxite mine and alumina refinery project. More information on this can be found on the Gibb River Road website. RIO Tinto and Alcoa are axing a bauxite mining joint venture deal for WA’s spectacular Mitchell Plateau, paving the way for the area to be included in a new national park. The national park plan has bipartisan support, with the state opposition outlining a similar proposal during its 2013 election campaign. ALUMINA REFINERY (MITCHELL PLATEAU) AGREEMENT. 67 of 1971. Australia is known for its high-grade ore, especially in the Weipa and Gove deposits. 22. Other large deposits (each >500 Mt) are located in Western Australia (WA) in the Darling Range, the Mitchell Plateau and at Cape Bougainville, of which the latter two have not been developed. File image. The Mitchell Plateau is an area of amazing diversity and beauty. Worked 6 days a week and on the 7th went to all the sights! STANDING BY BUSINESS. The Mitchell Plateau bauxite deposit contains 350 million tonnes grading 44 per cent alumina but the quality varies greatly across the project area. The WA government wants to establish Australia’s largest national park in the area, which is internationally renowned for its rich flora and fauna, the Mitchell Falls and 40,000-year-old indigenous rock art. Mitchell Plateau Bauxite Co. Mitchell drawing miners. 06 Jul 2004 . Mitchell Plateau Bauxite Co. Mitchell drawing miners. Nevertheless, following the main Cretaceous and Tertiary period of bauxitisation by leaching, the deposits were partially submerged by the sea and, particularly at Mitchell Plateau, extensively reworked. This area, and the Kandiwal community is under threat of Bauxite mining of the Mitchell Plateau. The plateau is 350 kilometres north east of Derby and 270 kilometres north west of Wyndham by air. In 1965 a mining camp was established on the plateau by Amax Bauxite. Mitchell Plateau and Cape Bougainville areas with the Kimberley project covering areas in the vicinity of the Mitchell Plateau bauxite resource. STANDING BY BUSINESS. The Mitchell Plateau is a broad carbonate karst plateau dissected by a few major stream systems (Malott, 1922; Gray, 2000) (fig. In 1965 a mining camp was established on the plateau by Amax Bauxite. Its Australian Business Number is 39008545499. No. The bauxite mines in the Darling Range have the world's lowest grade bauxite ore mined on a … The bauxite deposits of the Mitchell Plateau/Cape Bougainville regio Kimberely region of Western Australia are formed from the Carson Volca fine grained, amygdaloidal basalts which contain . 67 of 1971. The companies announced on Tuesday they had agreed to terminate a more than 40-year-old state agreement act to mine bauxite and build an alumina refinery in the north Kimberley Region. Rio Tinto said developing an alumina refinery on the Mitchell Plateau was always going to be economically challenging. There are more than 500m tonnes of untapped bauxite reserves on the Mitchell Plateau, according to Geoscience Australia . Note: this is a very new system on and data is currently VERY limited. Its Australian Business Number is 39008545499. If you know of more minerals from this site, please, Recent Investigations of the Mitchell Plateau Bauxite Deposits, Western Australia; TWH Parker and SB Sadlier; Mitchell Plateau Bauxite Company and Alcoa of Australia Limited; 1984, Current server date and time: December 31, 2020 20:04:23