Let me introduce JoAnne Ryall a world renown scrimshaw artist that has joined our family of artist.

Born in England, JoAnne was lucky enough as a child to grow up deep in the country side near the SW coast, surrounded by rich wildlife and scenery, Her uncle was a sculptor and awakened the love of art in her. At the same time her father was busy ensuring she developed a passion for firearms and shooting. He may well secretly wanted a boy as much of her childhood involved engines, mud and adventure.

You would find her in metal work or wood shop in school rather than needlepoint or cooking.

When she left school she trained and worked as a sign writer.

Other business avenues  eventually took her attention, flourished and allowed her the luxury of returning to her passion for both art and hunting.

She has hunted across the world and amassed a store of experiences on different continents.

Scrimshaw has made it possible to capture these memories and the detail involved was a natural medium for her.


Scrimshaw by JoAnne Ryall