The Alde 3020 has just passed with flying colours 4 weeks skiing - maintaining lovely 20'c constant on leccy and gas. I have used them for 24 to 12 volt conversion harnesses. If the 120 V electric elements are used instead of gas for heating the water heater, the capacity is slightly reduced. By trip do you mean the vans RCD trips or just the Alde system switching off? The Compact 3020 HE can generally be installed wherever you want. This was on the 3 kw setting. The first is gas is not getting through to the heater, in which case you need to digilantly trace the gas supply pipes and check you haven't missed a stop ****. You have confirmed that both work and do not trip the system. May be caused by excessive moisture. The electric elements in the Alde unit are 1KW and 2KW. Now I'm sure it used to do this a lot quicker , but there again I'm not 100% sure. Either inside the living space, such as e.g. So its not an earth fault. @KAK, for whatever it is worth, after I made the adjustments to my mixing valve it has been working as designed. C. A decent dealer is not going to have all this hassle with bleeding and accessing all the bleeders, they use the Alde special purging pump. I suspect a bad electrical connection somewhere. Panel failure: Fault on the panel. Alde Compact 3020 HE can be connected to most models* of Truma AC and therefore give full climate control. Shall keep testing over next couple of days before contacting Alde . Contact Alde Service Partner. You should refer the problem to an Alde trained technician. It was fine whilst we were away, has anybody else had this problem Give them a call. 3rd party C. fail: Communication fault between Alde’s panel and Alde Smart Control*. The Alde Compact 3010/3020 has a water heater with a volume of approx. The water heater (Truma) sometimes will not work on Electric. If you want fuel gauge to work, you need a sender and gauge from "new style" 3020 that is set up for negative ground. BUT one night I had to wild camp (Knaus Koblenz is very shut at present) and therefore did not have EHU, the heating would not work on gas only - - kinda defeats the object! I agree with @Sharon_is_SAM's last point, which you need to do. 38 °C), this gives you around 12 litres of hot water every 30 minutes. After checking the consumer unit and then checking the 5 amp fuse on the consumer unit it then works. Less than 1/2 price of Deere's harness. I left it for 2 hours at it got to 21 c from a start temperature of 4.5. When the hot water is mixed with cold water (approx. The circuit board in the boiler is not intended for the Alde Compact 3020 HE and will not work with the 3020 HE panel. I have a 2016 Lunar Delta TS with the Alde 3020 heating system where the 12v header tank circulating pump is fitted in the wardrobe next to the head of one of the beds. 10 °C) to normal usage temperature (approx. But the van is nice and warm . I am currently on a two-month trip and had not had a chance to use the Alde since I adjusted it, but now that I have confirmed it is properly adjusted, I am a happy camper. I have just returned from a week away and connected my power supply to my New Swift Elegance 580 and found the hot water and heating does not work on electric but will on Gas. in a wardrobe or stowage space, or installed outside in any storage area or in a space between floors. No match Heater/Panel: The circuit board in the boiler is not intended for the Alde Compact 3020 HE and will not work with the 3020 … The second suggests the is a problem with the heater, and that will require technical expertise to investigate and rectify. So I turn the heating on and the pump started to work. They may not show everything they offer online. 8.4 litres of hot water at >50 °C. I hate buy a factory harness and cut it right away to make it work.