It's woody and aromatic with creamy sweet rounded edges that may be vanilla. If this had more punch it would be my signature. I realized I could still smell it on clothing - and that I really didn’t like the smell. This fragrance reminds me of walking downtown in a big city where there are lots of homeless people living on the street. I can smell italian cookies and I can smell cacao. So, we have covered that. You only need to apply a small amount to enjoy wearing it all day and into the evening. The unique fragrance features the scent of rich cinnamon sticks mixed with hints of clove and spice. It’s really flirty and I LOVE how sweet it is . I'm not sure if this is actually an essential oil fragrance or just smells like one... but it performs like one too. It is an extremely watered down version of Replica’s Beach Walk to me. Would love to smell this on a man, but am enjoying it myself. I just got it today, it is very soft, the softest of the NR is hard to recommend as this is so ethereal, stays close to the is very much like a lot of soft pink scents out there...if you expect the NR signature, that one isnt in that is for lovers of light pretty scents..I detect the musk but it stays would be the perfect wedding scent, or one for a romantic young woman. Another brilliant conifer fragrance with a holiday theme that I'm so glad to have in my collection! Next. Hobby Lobby used to sell then but then stopped. I don't think of purple when I smell this fragrance, like the juice would suggest. The scent itself is faint sandalwood and some sweetness reminiscent of marshmallow. From United Kingdom +C $39.46 … Buy It Now. I don’t feel it lasts long, but I think I just become nose-blind to it. 50 characters remaining, 255 characters maximum EACH Add to cart. I'm not sure about this. The sleek frosted glass vessel holds 10 ounces of wax; … You need to give this one extended testing and don't judge it on the first go of the fragrance. It smells like urine soaked cardboard and sleeping bags. That's everything this smells like! Place back on the decorative shade. A very nice fragrance. My friend works at Lush, so she can pick up free and discounted products all the time, and she always brings me fragrances since she knows that I like them. It makes me feel safe, warm, and cocooned. And then we have vanilla, orris and musk, though the citruses never completely vanish. But this is by far the most comforting fragrance I have smelled in my life. This is a new version of an 80,s style perfume without the giant shoulder pads. I love it so much. Scentsationals Scented Wax Cubes (2.5 oz, Unicorn Cake) 4.2 out of 5 stars 38 $7.71 $ 7 . I was expecting this to smell more chocolatey but this is not heavy on the chocolate. The base is all ultra soapy/oily musks (the undisputable main player here), with a clean suede aromachemical, and possibly a bit of powdery/sweet patchouli (similar to the one in La Treizieme Heure XIII). And it has nothing to do with skin chemistry, all the scents that are known to last long, last long on my skin too. This fragrance contradicts everything I think I love in floral fragrances. I may not be as dignified as my mental image of Mitsouko, but it doesn't decrease the amount of fun I have with her. The warm woody and creamy dry down is very nice. I, however really enjoy the fragrance. This lasts around 5 hours on my skin before I feel the need to re-apply. This 24-oz. It literally smells like walking into an Italian bakery or an assorted platter of Italian deserts. She is usually very enthusiastic about her hauls, but she was incredibly hesitant to give this fragrance for me. This is office-friendly and a pleasant one to smell everywhere. Suddenly a passionate hug. I finally got my bottles of PS Berry Blast and this PS Creamy Sunshine. It opens up with like sweet fruity and warm spicy then dry down is like Coffee and woody. It’s so sad because I love the bottle. I’m SO happy that I did! this is a fragrance journey in art about how scents develop and mature into the indescribable. love it love it love it . Wicks used are 100% cotton core. Got a few looks of women. I liked that brand because the candles were affordable and had natural scents, is there another brand out there similar to Darsee & David's candles? Max. It's one of the few scents I've tried that actually deserves the amount of praise it gets and all the imitations trying to cash in on it. Smells ambery, powdery and woody. She immediately purchased a brand new bottle for me and told me to never sell it ever again....LOL. Our lush vanilla candle is laced with alluring vanilla orchid, teak wood and lemon notes and subtly spiced with black pepper. That vanilla violet - so good! Darsee & David's Yankee Candle Falls Bridge Candles Stand Around Creations U.S.Candle US Candle See More; store Hobby Lobby See More; Top Candles brands Yankee Candle - Candles Falls Bridge Candles - Candles Stand Around Creations - Candles U.S.Candle - Candles US Candle - Candles; Clear all Refine By Darsee & David's. Worth the money for how good it smells and performance is champion. I’m not sure that’s worth the expense of buying it again - but I’m damn sure going to enjoy the hits I have left of the bottle I already have left. Chypre is back! Sorry;). As it is, it will go with my other Ex Nihilo sampler sprays as a visual reminder of why it is so important to try before you buy when it comes to expensive fragrances. I get the salt note in the original, the mandarin orange and maybe a little ginger. It's my new reference point by which I judge all of my other conifer fragrances and I own quite a few. Still the best mainstream fragrance, still smells as stunning as ever, and the EDT concerntration smells the best of them all (even the parfum imho). Thank you Henry Rose! I think the skin scent is delicious but if you even so much as to touch the freshly sprayed perfume, the tuberose will take over the scent and smell very “granny” like. I got the new version shipped with deodorant (which to me kind of just functions as a less strong version of the perfume but what do I know). The first ten minutes or so are heavy and you might think, “Oh my god, what have I done?”. Another coniferous gem from Pineward! Here you can read the latest perfume reviews. In fact, it's almost "too nice" for me. I'm noticing it is quite similar to Diptique's Baies candle but sweeter, especially immediately after spraying to the drydown. It gives the apple note a bed of warmth to lay on along with a slight zing from some fir balasam and butteriness from the rum note. I find many scents screetchy and bothersome, but not this. At first spray you get a burst of bright citrus, mint and a nice smooth juniper. Hmm I'm not sure what to think about this. From United States Customs services and international tracking provided. Reminds me of Fracas! It's so natural and lovely. She’s strong, though - and sprays well. The biggest issue is the longevity of it and the sillage, its just not there. What happened then? Thick and heavy chypre, it contains something that I find nauseating after a while. It is both seductive and elegant. These candles appear in various fragrances which have certain health and fitness added benefits also. Very interesting. As it dries down, it becomes progressively woody and earthy. It's cold, it's slightly bitter and a twinge indolic-but doesn't smell like odors from the bathroom, thankfully. Explore. With Angelina Jolie being the face of this perfume I couldn't help but be intrigued about it. sale All Products on Sale (150) 20% Off or More (150) 30% Off or More (150) 40% Off or More (150) price Under $4 (40) $4 - $6 (40) $6 - $8 (40) $8+ (40) $ to $ go . It's not sexy. I can smell this perfume in my mind; I feel like I'm being transported to my childhood bedroom right now. I actually used to sell this line at the store before the pandemic started. 15 ounces. Even though this is a more 'mature' genre, younger guys can wear this one too (sample first!). Do they still make/sell Darsee & David's candles anymore? Fill your home with the fragrances inspired by Harry and David. But I love it. But hey, who am I to judge? This is a fragrance to be worn at a cabin on a winter's adventure. Like the perfection you find in a crystal or in the drama of a single violin. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | An Oliver Cresp signature masterpiece . By the time I was leaving, I kept spraying on me at least few more times because I got addicted to that happy, rather beachy tropical smell with big dose of coconut smell. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Obviously it lasts longer on clothing. Nick Nilsson has captured the most wonderful conifer experience I've had. On me it draws just enough salt to make it interesting. Instead of waffles i get more of a walnut top in the opening with a hint of dark roast gourmet coffee that eventually becomes the front of the scent in the mid, then towards the end of the dry down it all comes together into a nice creamy skin scent. This might not be the scent for someone who craves a complex or challenging fragrance, but eclat d’arpege is light, lovely, and easy to wear. It is a great darker scent. I can finally appreciate and smell the seductive, mysterious, and woody jasmine bomb that people have been raving about. Whether you liked or disliked the product. But I only own a full bottle of Spring Flowers because as nice as the scents are, they really don’t last. This scent could be enjoyed only by those whom you are making out with, and he had to be all over you, I mean really getting in there. This is a dirty version of Byredo - Bal D'Afrique. Opening is so weird, it smells savoury and almost sweaty, like salted nuts but sort of... wet? It's fine. The top and bottom of the candle has a pink satin ribbon to finish off this beauty. I don't usually go for perfumes that I'd describe as "girly," and this one is definitely girly. It smells a bit sweet and It dries down to soft aromatic pine forest type of scent softened by tonka. Do you guys think this one smells too "old" for a 20 year old guy? Unlike Interlude that screams and screams, this stuff begins a bit reeled-in and continues to get stronger as it dries down. You don't need to use a lot of drops, either! Black pepper, campfire, burnt sugar, the dentist, iron. Ugh. Enjoy the fragrance! I like how "cold" it feels compared to the other stuff in my collection. Online right now: 1375, Fragrantica in your language: This is beautiful but basically a skin scent. Abercrombie and Fitch called. You don't need to use a lot of drops, either! 13:07. For questions or concerns regarding recent orders or product availability, please contact us. Recently blind bought it because of the reviews. Murkwood instead takes me to the forest with it's smells of conifer resins, wood, and one of my favorite parts of wearing Murkwood is that it also invokes the smell of pine nuts. Darsee & David's (73) Theme Family . So dark, smoky and spicy! First thing I have to get out, you’re going to want to test this first, definitely do not blind buy it. I can't speak to sillage because I only have the roller ball, but it's not disappearing into my skin. SO GOOD IF YOU WANT TO SMELL LIKE A RICH YOUNG LADY. Fragrance Reviews: 1011037 This is one that needs to be sampled on the skin - your own skin. I love this scent! $19.95. Jammy almondy rose and patchouli. A 10ml bottle will definitely last a long time as this is a powerful beauty in a bottle! I can see how there related. This is a beautiful fragrance and I have been enjoying it very much. Overall a solid 8.5 only because you have to like coffee to really understand it and it cannot perform for a part of the year. Creamy, sweet orange blossom goodness. Hobby Lobby wax melts are made by Darsee & David Candles, exclusively for Hobby Lobby stores. Fico d'Elba smells like a drugstore lip gloss. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. This one is not for me. Layered with them, it can bring out notes that you might not have noticed. . Loved at first. They're not bad, but again, it's just a very first impression! In my experience, this perfume has not been popular among my peers. If I were looking to buy TL -- I would pass on it and go for this instead. I had originally seen Mon Guerlain during my many perusals of Sephora's fragrance section. These are but a number of in the wax types obtainable for candlemaking. I see a mossy, or jade stone green, with punches of bright white. Sale … Paraffin-Free. nfbw, وصلني من الدار عطرها الأشهر نارمار Narmar وعددا من العينات لإصداراتهم, Similar to Salome by Papillon with that cumin and castoreum. This was love at first spray. I really wanted to like this but, this is so Harsh! This is almost impossible to dislike, it's so far from being an aggressive scent. Airy, zingy, sweet, unoriginal but pleasant. Then on to a barbershop note, bergamot/lavender, with still the lingering vanilla giving sweetness and coziness, along with an oak barrel and sandalwood note. As a kid I worked in the orchards with apples many summers and I can say that this apple note is indeed that of a fresh red apple as opposed to a Golden Delicious or a Granny Smith apple type note. I used to mostly get sweet blonde woods and ambroxan (which I loved) but there's so much more here. $17.95. La Tee Da makes even more scents in the 16 fluid ounce size. All I smell is spicy/peppery soap. Short but sweet review, hoping someone will find this useful. Lovely church incense, not too heavy, with a little mint note coming out in the middle phase. I've gotten strong whiffs of it 24 hours and more after one application. This is a complex macerated plum, clearly inspired by the opening credits of the Parajanov film of the same name/figure. Although I do not personally own Jubilation XXV I know someone who does so I can confidently confirm that. The instant I opened the cellophane, I was like, "whoa that's oregano". This is not what I was expecting with chocolate greedy but I still love what I am smelling 9/10 name chocolate greedy is misleading. But it feels very flat. Then I was a bit afraid but what I’ve got to lose, I decided to wear it on me during that shift. If I wanted to smell only flowers, I'd hold my face up to a bouquet. I'll be getting rid of this one from my collection, but not because it's a bad scent by any means. That's not to say that it doesn't have good longevity and sillage because it does, just at an Eau de Cologne strength, which fits it's character perfectly. There are reviews from honest members of this community saying this one has bad performance, such comments and people are welcome here. Although the sweet apricot and labdanum is as strong as expected, right in the middle of it is a smell reminiscent of strong cat pee to me. Novice level animalic. Not at all. It smells like beautiful florals. Not a sexy scent. After it's been on your clothes for a few days, it's almost entirely warm, pleasant incense. premium cinnamon candle features double wicks that burn high-quality, beautifully scented ingredients for up to 150 hours. It has a scent that gives you a feeling of exhilaration and is sure to put a childish smirk on your face. l don't understand the obsession people have by associating Iran/Persia with sand, desert and camels? Perfect for high school boys and college boys on a budget. C $6.62. C $8.67 to C $24.30. Very much like alien but somewhat warmer, creamier and deeper.. Oh Irida, how the ghost of you clings...and clings...and clings! I find that with age, I begin to admire and seek after the more abstract in concept. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. This is slightly reminiscent of a less-sweet Elie Saab Girl of Now. A well crafted Tuscan Leather interpretation. Thank you. Limit one coupon per customer per day. After pushing my nose into "beast" scents often enough, little by little they all start to resemble Joop Homme to me. Dirty meaning having a beautiful Lady who's Wife material but cheating husband behaves like Hugh Grant. Which is no dought a deal-breaker when it comes to an actual bottle to purchase. Full of fantasy, full of confidence, the mysterious scent the sexy next door lady wears when she passes you, gets into her sport car and takes off the scent I couldn’t forget if I was a man. In the drydown the patchouli smell brightens and fades a bit while sandalwood deepens the fragrance and the sweetness disappears. Decor Home Accents Candles & Home Fragrance (157) Candles (156) Oils & Diffusers (1) Shop By. This is a pussy magnet guys, I wanted something opulent for New Years Eve and thought I'd try for a "big evening" (grand soir). I don't get the green scent at all.