Shipping dates are subject to change. Finally got my hands on Lombardy poplar cuttings. Lombardy Poplar are easy to grow, are drought resistant once established and very popular with a wide variety of birds. Cuttings 40cm, Rooted to1.3m. Lombardy Poplar, Populus nigra Italica, is a vigorous, upright tree with a very narrow canopy. A member of the willow family, the Lombardy is well loved as a distinctive ornamental tree. Tree Nursery. You are here: Home → Poplar Tree Family → Lombardy Poplar Tree. Growth rates for Lombardy Poplar are typically in the range of 4 to 6 feet per year but can grow as fast as 9 feet a year. Nothing stops the wind faster. Lombardy Poplar. Lombardy performs best in moist soils and in full sun, but is quite tolerant of dryer sites. Narrowly columnar, deciduous. Find the best deals from top rated online nurseries. Deciduous with good green foliage from spring-through summer and golden yellow in autumn. Buy Lombardy Poplar Trees online in large standard sizes by mail order at Ashridge Nurseries. Guaranteed. It's rare that you would want to propagate a Lombardy poplar, but if you are so inclined, it can be done by rooting a hardwood cutting: Fast grower! All Rights Reserved. We offer affordable bare root Hybrid Poplar trees and many others trees shipped at the best time for planting where you live. Propagating Lombardy Poplar Trees . Many homeowners select them when they need a quick privacy screen, but come to regret it later. The Lombardy Poplar (Populus nigra ‘Italica’) is a form of Black Poplar that probably came originally from Northern Italy in the 18th century but has since been planted throughout the world as an ornamental tree.It is a male tree with red catkins in spring and can reach a height of more than 30m. Fast & Free shipping on many items! We have Lombardy Poplar Trees for sale and Tulip Poplar Trees for sale. Reaching 10 – 20 m in height with a spread of around 3 – 4 m. Shop a huge online selection at Growth rates for Lombardy Poplar are typically in the range of 4 to 6 feet per year but can grow as fast as 9 feet a year. Bareroot Hybrid Poplar and Hybrid Willow Trees. It is best known as a windbreak tree, which features bright green leaves that turn into a beautiful golden-yellow color in the Fall. Not All Plant Heights Listed Online Are the Same! Lombardy Poplar trees are not evergreens, but they continue to provide great wind blockage and privacy throughout the year. Your email address will not be published. Copyright © Willis Orchard Company 2007 - 2020. *The old favourite narrow pencil shaped poplar. Lombardy Poplar can handle cold and dry interior climates well. The tree likes Sun to half-shade at the location and the soil should be sandy to loamy to strong loamy. Related products. The leaves are triangular and the flowers are reddish. At PlantingTree we are a family owned online garden center that offers high quality trees for sale online. **Fruit Trees: Inventory update and ordering options of bareroot Apple and Pear Trees available in early March. Lombardy Poplar 9AM-6PM ET Mon-Fri. 9:30AM-6PM Sat & Sun Farmers use Lombardy Poplars planted in rows as a snow break, wind break & to help prevent soil erosion. (What's This?). The Lombardy Poplar is a fast growing tree with a narrow, upright canopy. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! It grows very quickly and can reach 30m (100ft) with a width of 5m (16ft) or less. Lombardy Poplar is not suitable for a clipped hedge. Lombardy Poplar is a deciduous tree that is super fast growing. | Zone Map Copyright © Arbor Day Foundation. Zones 4-9 . Lombardy Poplar Tree prices from top rated online plant nurseries. Put them into water with other cuttings until get rooting medium set up Although Lombardy Poplar trees look like evergreens, they are actually part of the willow family, which is why they have such a fast growth rate. Your email address will not be published. Branches short and at a steep angle, offering an alternative type of narrow crown to the old rust affected Lombardy poplar. How To Choose The Best Container Garden Pot For Each PlantRobin Plaskoff Horton, Blacksmiths Forge Peace Turning Guns Into Garden ToolsRobin Plaskoff Horton. In the fall, the tree turns a brilliant golden-yellow. Bright yellow autumn colour. ... With almost 35 unique Poplar Tree species, a variety exists to suit the needs of most landscapers. Featured Types of Poplar Trees. It’s fast growth makes Lombardy Poplar popular for windbreaks and privacy screens. It is adapted to almost any soil it is planted in. All Rights Reserved. They need a well drained, chalk free soil and plenty of sun. To 30m Out of stock. Free delivery >£120. Narrow columnar tree grows rapidly to 40 feet. Lombardy poplars (Populus nigra Italica) are the rock stars of the home garden, living fast and dying young. An improved variety of Lombardy Poplar that is more disease resistant and longer lived. Clicking on a ‘Shop Now’ button will open a new tab to the website listed. Buy Lombardy Poplar Trees at Trees For Sale Online Lombardy Poplar is a deciduous tree that is super fast growing. Few trees offer a … The leaves are diamond-shaped and are hairless. Although it does sucker, these (like most tree suckers) can be controlled in grazed or mowed areas. It becomes a truly drought tolerant variety after its first few seasons. Visit for all your deer trees. Plant 5-6' apart for screening, windbreaks and backgrounds. **Best price on Tree Tubes for 2021! Why You Should Never Buy a Tree Online if it Only Lists a Height. The Lombardy poplar trees are very fast growing shade trees, that can exceed 6 feet of growth in one year. Enter your email and be the first to get news about specials, tips and more! Plant them 5 to 8 feet apart in a row to create a fast-growing, living wall. Growing Lombardy Poplar Trees. Plant Lombardy Poplar Trees for a fast growing privacy screen or living fence.. With its beautiful columnar shape, the Lombardy Poplar or Populus nigra will provide a beautiful backdrop for other plants with its silvery green leaves. The Lombardy Poplar is the wind break that I want, and the price was right. Call to Order! Avoid Plantsing near walls or walkways. The Tree is a deciduous tree, it will be up to 30 m (99 ft) high. They also grow in a columnar shape and can get up to 60 feet tall but just 10 to 15 feet wide. Lloyd on Mar 2, 2020 I need some column type trees for along a drive way at a large property in New Mexico Zone 8 and these will provide the look I want to achieve The Greeks and Etruscans used the Poplar tree's durable wood for shields and many other useful items. Poplar was the most common wood used in Italy or panel paintings, including the Mona Lisa. Shop great deals on Poplar Trees. Prices are updated daily. For more information about Lombardy poplars in landscapes, read on. The Lombardy Poplar Tree is a fast growing, columnar shaped tree, able to reach heights of 40 to 70 feet tall, with a spread of 10 to 20 feet. works best with JavaScript enabled. When Is the Best Time to Prune Trees and Shrubs? Populus nigra Italica, RHS AGM. As ground water gets low in the late summer, the tree goes dormant to cut down its water needs. A classic for formal avenue planting with nice yellow autumn colour. Reaches heights of up to 20m and a 4m width. The Lombardy poplar tree, Populus nigra 'Italica', is highly favored as a privacy screen, shade tree and is popularly planted in long dense rows at a distance of 8 feet apart. (800) 973-8959. Austree grows 12 foot 1st year. A tall, fast grower, Lombardy Poplar quickly grows 40-50' high. The Lombardy Poplar's vertical branches grow up, rather than out, giving you dense privacy. The birds love it for shelter in inclement weather and for nesting. Buy Poplar Trees online and have them shipped right to your doorstep. Lombardy Poplar works beautifully in Zones 3-9. Poplar Trees For Sale. We are an Amazon Associate & earn from qualifying purchases. 3-4' trees shipped. They stand straight and tall and provide a graceful screen along driveways. Block the wind, lower your heating bills, and enjoy your yard throughout the summer and winter, all at the same time. As with native poplars, wild animals will use hybrids as a cover and feed source. ... Lombardy Poplar. Why Lombardy Poplar Trees? The Lombardy Poplar Tree is a fast growing, columnar shaped tree, able to reach heights of 40 to 70 feet tall, with a spread of 10 to 20 feet. Required fields are marked *. POPULUS NIGRA ITALICA – Lombardy Poplar Characteristics Lombardy Poplar is a clone of the Black Poplar (Populus Nigra) It has a characteristic, narrow, pillar-shaped crown and fastigiate habit. The Lombardy Poplar with its upright habit makes an excellent as screening tree or windbreak. Widely used as a street tree, privacy screen, or windbreak the Lombardy Poplar is extremely popular. Plant in full sun for best performance. 50 Hybrid Willow Trees. Poplar trees have roots as far back as ancient Rome. Lombardy Poplar can handle cold and dry interior climates well. Classic screening & avenue tree, very narrow canopy. Lombardy Poplars add beauty and value to your yard and are especially useful where broader growing trees will not fit. Lombardy poplar (Populus nigra) is a fast-growing tree, often planted in rows for a windbreak. Scroll up to see our in stock supply of Poplars. It is a fast growing, columnar tree, it makes the ideal specimen in large lawn areas and properties or in a row as a large windbreak or screen. 2020 Copyright Target Marketing Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Full sun, well drained soil, deep infrequent water once established. Listing for Populus (Poplar) Large, stately trees which are widely used for street and avenue plantings, parks and gardens, large properties, shelter belt planting and along driveways. The Lombardy Poplar Tree is a tall, fast-growing shade tree that has spire-like columns that rise as high as 100 ft. • If there is a ever breeze passing through the Lombardy Poplar Tree, the leaves dance wildly providing noises similar to that of waves crashing against an ocean shore. Give it regular water as a young tree. Rated 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. With the Lombardy Poplar, it's possible - simply plant one every 5 to 8 feet, and you'll have a dense barrier that can reach amazing heights quickly. Lombardy Poplar Populus nigra italica Up to 25m. The Lombardy Poplar is one of the best privacy trees provided by The Tree Center! Lombardy Poplar (Populus nigra Italica) The Lombardy poplar tree is a deciduous conifer and a Mediterranean native. Lombardy Poplars are a hardy, rapid-growing favorite for backgrounds, dividers and windbreaks. As an energy source the hybrid poplar was found to be North Americas most productive tree at nearly 60 million BTUs per acre per year, vs. only 38 million for oak. If you read up on Lombardy poplar tree facts, youll find that these trees offer advantages but also many disadvantages. **Deer Hunters and Food Plotters! Is It Safe Buy Trees & Shrubs on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay? Populus nigra x italica Lombardy Poplar is a common sight around rural Australia and New Zealand. Hybrids produce about 8,600 BTUs/lb., slightly more than most of the common firewood. P. euramericana x nigra. Even though they lose their leaves in the winter, the Lombardy Poplar can be effective as a wind break all year long. Best advice & support. Tulip Poplar $ 54.50 – $ 79.50. It is commonly planted in rows as a tall screen. Zone down to 3. Prune sucker growth. This columnar tree offers almost instant elegance throughout the US, growing in zones 3 to 9! It is best known as a windbreak tree, which features bright green leaves that turn into a beautiful golden-yellow color in the Fall. It has roughly rounded, triangular to diamond-shaped leaves which like the twigs and buds are smooth and hairless. Good windbreak or skyline accent for large areas. The Lombardy Poplar is botanically called Populus nigra 'Italica'. Lombardy Poplar Tree Fastest growing tree. Easy to grow -- requires no pruning or special care. Fast-growth, aesthetic appeal, and hedge properties make it a perfect fit for the homeowner searching for a pleasant privacy screen. The fall color is a golden yellow which is amazing. Rapid growth It’s fast growth makes Lombardy Poplar popular for windbreaks and privacy screens. The trees were planted in and around public meeting places as early as the 6th century.