It takes too long to deliver to the Philippines. Using Oberlo you've got access to all of AliExpress using our import tool, but we do not have any control over the conduct of AliExpress suppliers. im finding the chat service way way too slow it this is my main complaint i have only started using the app but i havnt had an order without a problem on shopify yet which is a bit worrying if I start to sell a lotI am going to keep trying but im not sure for how long!!! Oberlo is a dropshipping app that allows you to export products from Aliexpress and import directly to your Shopify store. very bad import app , not recommendd guy seriously they always give this error without any clue Unfortunately, this product does not comply with Oberlo’s Terms of Service. New to Oberlo and already a fan! However, quality was average, there was chinese labelling everywhere and didnt look like a $50 bag that i was charging (in order to make a small $20 profit)3rd product - another backpack this time from a different supplier (ironbotot or something like that). From electronics to swimwear, learn about selling different product categories. It all depends on the location of the supplier, and the address of the customer as the final destination. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. (This means someone is trying to sell it on their own store.) You'll find tons of products under these categories. Unfortunately neither of these are true most of the time. Explorer. Oberlo's software works just fine. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Oberlo Reviews 422 • Average . Mike here from Oberlo. This app is not suitable if your business serves consumers in the UK. Upgraded to their $29 plan and cancelled 5 minutes later without using it as we decided to go with Dropified instead. I contacted them and told them there must be a mistake, i have had the free plan since i Bought the store. Bad service lots of returns and non responsive suppliers. Joe Warnimont May 24, 2019. Version 3.29.4 Updated December 19, 2020 Size 615KiB Language English. It may be possible to find success with this platform but it will not come to the majority of users. Report abuse. Hello Holger. Oberlo Review 2019-03-20 IM Reviews , Suppliers If you’ve decided to run your e-commerce business out of the Shopify platform , then Oberlo is your go-to app when it … Read about their experiences and share your own! You will need to front the money to pay for your customers purchase and then recover those funds by withdrawing from your Shopify account into your bank or whatever you use. Oberlo Reviews. Not good for my experiencess but better then Aliexpress. Voice your opinion today and hear what 422 customers have already said. Read about their experiences and share your own! Again, we apologie profusely that you had a poor experience and wish you the very best with your eCommerce business in the future. But I prefer to use other services. Takes more than a day to hear anything back. Honestly though, that means nothing when it comes down to accepting payment from your customers and getting their product shipped out to them in a timely manner.First of all when a customer buys a product on your store, the funds will typically go into your Shopify account (or whatever connected merchant tool you have - i.e. $7.90 per month $7.90/month. I got and email today from Oberlo while I was building my store. | Read 41-60 Reviews out of 422. Hi Belinda, this is Anna from Oberlo. This is a slash-and-burn business model! To test a product with Google ads, common wisdom is to be ready to invest $1000 dollars PER PRODUCT; testing to see if ithe product will sell well with your specific audience set. The same products are available on Wish for less than we are being asked to pay.If, Oberlo, you are serious, I have some advice: Please find dropshippers with EU warehousing for us Brits.Offer us much quicker delivery times, so we can provide the customer experience that consumers now demand.This app is a great idea but completely useless if you are serious about delivering exceptional user experiences on your website. Your product won’t be highly affordable because you need to make a profit and the product quality is so poor that your customer will not only be upset for the long shipping time, but they’ll be upset at the quality of their product when it arrives. Hi Brandon, this is Anna. Once you receive your order from them (if it ever arrives), you'll understand how poor the quality is. I’m happy to see how we can help your store further. !I will be canceling the app after the first month! Your suppliers will ultimately reflect back to you the QUALITY OF YOUR BUSINESS and your customers will see that clearly. So you may not have known this at first, but you will need some working capital to get started with Oberlo dropshipping. Jokers. If I had paid $40 for the shoes and $65 for the winter jacket and I saw the quality, I’d be furious and demand a refund, especially after these insane shipping times (sometimes 3+ months). I give 1 star not to the application but to the suppliers they work with. Oberlo Review – The Shipping Time. If you’re selling Aliexpress products however and have to fill orders using them, buckle up.The Oberlo web browser extension will still automatically fill in the order information for you once you log into your Aliexpress account however, you are now working outside Oberlo which means any issues that arise means you’ll have to deal with Aliexpress for assistance.Here’s the thing Oberlo doesn’t tell you when you fulfill using Aliexpress: Aliexpress does not recognize you as a merchant. Oberlo Review – Conclusion. Jobs. Response to support tickets is WAY out of proportion. Now, with respect to burn and churn, I can appreciate your frustration. Tech support virtually does not exist. The content creation (for product pages) is mostly done for you, and you don't have to call around to find the right suppliers. A few of their success stories have been debunked to be fabricated.Making money with E-Commerce is hard. It's a really good app with a few glaring holes. Oberlo is attractive to new "want to be" drop shippers because they prey on newcomers in a fashion that goes against the integrity of good business ethics. Secondly, people buy from brands they know and trust. Of course, as a customer you do not want your products to be delivered after months. Grad. Terrible . AMAZON! Wouldn't that just make you feel like you MUST buy it? There aren't any dropshipping businesses that ship from China (within Oberlo or not) that are exempt from this reality. Thanks again and take care. FEATURES OF OBERLO REVIEW AT A GLANCE. I’m sorry to hear you had anything short of an amazing experience with Oberlo and shut your store down after a couple of months. Went to Austria instead of Australia. If you'd like we would be more than happy to investigate and see where you previous requests went! Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Oberlo Reviews 423 • Average . They don’t have a customer service phone number. No attention to detail. I was surprised to hear that we had a product so grossly overpriced! Wait for something that you can create value with. Sorry to hear about your difficulty accessing Oberlo. Their App doesnt load all of the pictures from the products on to the Shopify products page. 422 people have already reviewed Oberlo. I'm sorry you didn't have the best experience with the Oberlo app. Boss. Keep ahead of your competitors with Oberlo Great to know that's a feature important to you as we will continue to make it even better! Dropshippnig cheap products creates no value at the end of the day. The only way your customer would be okay with waiting that long is if the price they paid for the product was highly affordable (which it can’t be or you’ll make no profit on your markup), or if the product was good quality and therefore worth the wait. Think of it as the keys to a virtual warehouse packed with products from thousands of suppliers. Those days it's impossible to deal with Ali suppliers which keep scamming. Have you ever heard of Wish? Your records do indicate that the app had been opted back into shortly after you downgraded. That’s why I was okay with these purchases because I felt I got what I paid for. Poor . I'd love to provide some insight to your points should you ever consider dropshipping again. We're trying Oberlo but desperately looking for another dropshipper who can supply fashion items much more quickly. I'm not going to shut up - instead of being professional and fixing the functions and actually providing quality customer service - things only become worse, and they expect me to shut up!?! THey refuse to refund these fraudulent charges . I gave upAliExpress is a chinese version of eBay. Oberlo reviews. The thought of retaining customers and store owners apparently does not occur to Oberlo since there is always another eager and naive person falling for Oberlo's fantasy business format only to realize after spending a bunch of their money and time - Oberlo is only interested in supporting and growing Oberlo's business - the unsuspecting store owner is not apart of that business model so most of us end up closing our stores in order to avoid bankruptcy.It's a win for Oberlo everytime someone starts a store and a slow failure for the store owner. -Jasper. It can sometimes be costly to spend money on ads and not make sales. Again, our sincerest apologies if you feel you've been misled throughout the process and if you'd like to discuss the matter further you can email ATTN: Paco and I'll be happy to listen to your concerns and offer some help about the technical challenges you're facing. -Jasper, Hi Laura. The free version should have more features. Although we are always sharing guides and resources, we certainly did not mean to present it as easy. As so many of the other reviewers have pointed out...You have no exclusivity.The products are low quality.It costs money to properly market your store.Shopify bills you regardless of your success.Oberlo may not be a scam, but its definitely not a good idea. Our revenue model is based on subscriptions to our platform, if you're not making money, then we aren't. I'm not sure about the shipping method selected for the 3rd order or the time of year you ordered it (a Chinese holiday passed recently causing delays for all eCommerce merchants), but, even ePacket has a 12-25 business day delivery time frame. Yes. Here are 21 winning niches backed by data that sho… by Ying Lin Business ideas Video. Business Solutions, Dropshipping, Review It. That was the QUICKEST.Poor Product Quality + Long Shipping Times = Angry customersOberlo claims you can have faster shipping with epacket or their US warehouses however, I never saw a faster shipping time than 3 weeks.- Insane Competition - Pretty much all the items available to sell in the Oberlo catalog are from Aliexpress or Alibaba (or available on those platforms). I can assure you that we've got absolutely no interest in penalizing you for bringing bugs to our attention, it's because of this feedback that we can improve our product offering and we hold your feedback in high regard. This business isn't for everyone and once you get into the thick of things, you begin to realize it's about traffic and finding your audience -- that's no easy task. I would’ve saved thousands. The product images can be very misleading which can set high expectations for your customers and then truly damage your customers experience when they receive their product. Voice your opinion today and hear what 423 customers have already said. It's like they don't have any customer service. | Read 101-120 Reviews out of 422. Just like any business, you need to take a chance. Despite this though, problems with suppliers translate into problems for your customers, which then translates into problems for you.Perhaps one of the most common issues you’ll hear from Oberlo merchants is that they literally can’t get a hold of their supplier. I can appreciate your frustration with the long shipping times, they are not ideal. I wanted to make sure I did not miss any points you made. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER ! This is the dark little secret of the “dropshipping”E-commerce model. Many are. The risk reward to too great as one has to prepay for all orders and hope the chinese provider delivers and can communicate. I really wish them to start working with serious providers other than Aliexpress. So consumers looking for these products can go directly to Aliexpress, Alibaba or Wish and find all the products that you have available to sell but for less money. Even if you have the money to invest, do you really want to bet your money on a low quality product being dropshipped from China? Ease of Use. Try checking out some of those suppliers! For free. I give 5 stars. No reviews yet . Thanks for taking the time out of your day to leave us a review. This is always great when your customer has already paid you and is awaiting their product to be shipped. This way, you're able to choose some products and sync them with your store. That’s probably why Oberlo introduced the “Verified Supplier” badge to select suppliers that met their criteria. well Aliexpress and Oberlo have become so popular it is a very competitive arena. Even though these are available to import into your store, these products cannot be sold on Shopify. Average . After ordering off Oberlo, my quickest shipping time to Canada and the US was just over 3 weeks. On AliExpress, there are suppliers who offer expedited shipping that would take less than 12 days, but the cost can be prohibitive. 4.5. Be warned that it’s not an easy task. Don't be impulsive. Oberlo Review and 5 Reasons to use Oberlo: Great value for money, best value against competitors. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Oberlo Reviews 422 • Average . Although most AliExpress suppliers do ship from China, there are some that you can find that ship from the US, which would get to your US customers faster (if you are selling there). Additional Information. I completely understand your position to throw in the towel, I'd do the same. No Documentation, No Proper Support - Ridiculous!!! are the headaches that come after that). Website. We don't take this stuff lightly. What is oberlo and aliexpress doing about this concern?Is there any assurance that the items that clients receive will not be virus carriers? This is my business and I lose money when I cannot access products in my store. Oberlo is a scam. Hope this helps. Grow it into an empire. Hey, there! I set up a shop after browsing through some of the products. As a fellow dropshipper, I can understand the challenge in growing your traffic and sales in the beginning. We are extremely disappointed with their chat service, we were waiting since about 2 hours to get a problem solved but unfortunately no success!Initially after 30 minutes we've got a chance to chat to Iveta, before we finish, she suddenly left without giving any sign, then we started a new chat with Kamila also after about 30 minutes, she did the same thing! So, what exactly is Oberlo and how can it help you run a dropshipping business? It’s easy to set up and integration with Shopify is flawless. Hell no. They have videos and blogs for how to get started as well as tips and tricks for dropshippers using Oberlo. Summary: completely unreliable, unpredictable, delivery times unacceptably long, no guarantees on quality and packaging is dissapointing.I closed my store because i cant put my name to such shoddy and unpredictable products and services. Just because a customer made a purchase on your store, doesn’t mean those same funds will instantly cover the purchasing and shipping costs from the supplier. I checked it out, figured lets see what this is about. Rather, from searching and posting those product photos, the Instagram and Facebook algorithm is serving you everything they can find that’s similar because they think you’re interested in it (rather than selling it). Imagine trying to establish a good reputation with customers who have to wait 40 days for their paid for product to arrive. This is why we have our own suppliers in the app under Oberlo Supply. This is an example of "hidden" information that you do not know going into the Oberlo experience. We're doing our best to make sure the free version is feature-rich and that you're able to adequately launch a business without having to pay a fee. Auto shipping of … My point is, if the customer doesn’t have to pay much, they might not complain however, if you sell a cheap product for a higher price, your customers will complain.- AMAZON! Hey there, Kevin. Unfortunately Oberlo isn’t responsible for the delivery of the product so we aren’t able to speed up shipping times. We have thousands of successful merchants who sell these products on their stores. No sales. Ultimately though, I do not recommend this platform. Is Oberlo Free? -Kitana, Hey Karen! Oberlo Supply is also available and this means you don’t have to go through Aliexpress however, the Oberlo Supply products only account for a small percentage of the Oberlo catalog limiting your selection.Basically all the products or types of products you can sell using Oberlo are already available and being sold on Aliexpress, Alibaba, Wish, Amazon and others (not to mention the thousands of other Oberlo users selling the same products in their store), and they are selling these products MUCH CHEAPER than you could ever afford to. Their customer service is decent in terms of professionalism however, this doesn’t always translate the same in regards to problem resolution.Hidden InformationCheck the Oberlo blog or look around online and you'll find Oberlo has some really positive reviews. Because I was just starting out i changed the plan to the starter plan, which is supposed to be free. -Paco. Very good . Well, not exactly. For that, I'd like to apologize on behalf of all of us. You're entitled to an app credit via Shopify that can be used against all other apps you operate in your store (Dropified, for example). At first steps everything is fine. I placed 3 test orders to check quality and delivery times and these were my findings:1st product - backpack from an oberlo supplier called Worthfind: product got delivered to to wrong country. I mean, really, you wouldn't even think of ordering it on Amazon where you're assured of receiving it in three days, would you? Inspiring stuff for self-starters to listen to, read and do. Oberlo Review – Core Features. Thank you also for the feedback, we are always trying to improve! So, we have a vested interest in seeing you succeed which is why we produce vast amounts of content that is incredibly thorough and informative to help you along the way. However, I wanted to note that seeing similar products being advertised does not necessarily reflect a rise in competition. 21 Winning Niches To Start Selling for 2021. Voice your opinion today and hear what 409 customers have already said. More and more features are working less and less. That's not what we like to hear, please accept our apologies. Always. Presently being used with over six thousand five hundred stores hosted on Shopify. Dropified looks to change that, … Do you agree with Oberlo's TrustScore? They recognize you as a consumer.This can cause of a wealth of problems when you are trying to fulfill your orders through them. That is why you won't see the Nintendo logo on any of them. Our goal is to help merchants build sustainable businesses. Oberlo's instructional material is saturated with video and written statements directed toward new Shopify store owners that try to convince them that their customers won't be turned off as long as you warn them ahead of time. Experts in the industry regard it as a powerfully assembled, user-friendly, yet awesome and convenient dropshipping app for Shopify. We never like to hear that we've let someone fall through the cracks, it's not the image we want to portray. Having a unique product with a clearly outlined shipping timeline can help build trust with customers and avoid any issues with shipping questions. Oberlo actually has a free version that you can use forever, so you don't need to pay a monthly fee! 0 . When consumers search online for products to buy, Amazon is almost always the first result they see. Go through this review of Oberlo and understand why it should be your dropshipping extension of choice! The first is that they have a ton of automatic security measures in place to prevent fraudulent activity so if you have to suddenly make several purchases after no account activity through Aliexpress at once or are one day shipping your purchase to the UK and the next to Brazil, your account can be automatically flagged which means you won’t be able to complete your purchase. I'd like to learn more about your inability to access products and their source pages as well as broken links to the suppliers. Do not bother answering all questions in the support tickets.#2. After that undelivered orders and wrong orders are piling up and getting out of control. For 10 months they have been charging me for the basic plan. Take care for now. To me, it seems like some kind of juvenile punishment for speaking out and leaving dissatisfied reviews. All said, if that time frame is simply unacceptable to you, that's fair. This is my updated review of Oberlo for 2020, it still remains the no.1 dropshipping app and is constantly updated to meet the demands of eCommerce business owners in 2020. In the meantime, we'd really appreciate it if you might consider changing your rating as your concern is a question that pertains to marketing -- and we are more than happy to help you with that! I’m giving three stars base that i READ that is THE place to be if you are a e commerce entrepreneur. Customer Support. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Oberlo Reviews 422 • Average . We work hard to make sure Oberlo is easy to use for you to use so those words mean a lot. ***can't post the rest of my review for 24 hours due to word maximum reached on this post***. As soon as our other vetted suppliers reach this, they will be added to the Verified list so you can feel confident sourcing products from them! We are extremely sorry you had to deal with returns and unresponsive suppliers, that does not make doing business any easier. Read all reviews . I got this app to save time on fulfillment but it doesn't save me much. Shopify dropshipping is a scam and Shopify wants to collect fees from you, while you think it is your own fault that your store isn’t taking off, but really it’s because Shopify and Oberlo dropshipping is an ecommerce model that does not work. One didn't even deliver the goods.We also found charges from Oberlo on our credit card that made no sense.WARNING- don't deal with Shopify / Oberlo it's just a big scam with so many charges that your margins will disappear.As others have said, when you try to deal with them they are evasive and in total denial. Many customers aren't willing to wait that long, it. 4.3. Been nearly 30 days. i just building my shop on shopify and Experienced "birth pains" regarding oberlo shopify aliexpres and integration between them,i had several quistions to ask on the oberlo help center and got a quick and profesional answer every time i asked,they were so kinnd and happy to help me out ! I give them two stars because the prices are way to high I sell watches and a watch from them it says $1100 for a Garmin watch and my customers are buying it from Gramin direct for $399.00 so my customers are not returning to my store anymore. Crap, just a rip off over charging... absolutely no chance of a profit! Otherwise in the future should you prefer calling we are fully supported by Shopify and you can reach them at 1 (888) 746-7439! There are a few items that take off, but the competition is stiff and if you do the math for overall sales, they’re just, at most, a few hundred thousand dollars in orders.This sounds great until you divide that cost by the amount of stores selling those items that sell well, and find out on average you may make a $100 dollars tops.Shopify and Oberlo charge you per month (at a minimum), don’t aid you with advertising, and you’re barely likely to turn over $50 dollars in a month dropshipping while your costs before advertising can be $25-$100+ dollars at a minimum. Supplier ’ s probably why Oberlo introduced the “ Verified supplier ” badge select! Chris, thank you for taking oberlo review uk time out of your day to leave a! Has a free version that you do n't need to factor this in when budgeting your cash flow and.. Orders through them are suppliers who offer expedited shipping that would take less than 2 % rate... Central America, is it a location issue reviews and salaries oberlo review uk by. Three stars base that i read that is 10 years out of your supplier, and share your own.. Lifting for you to use for you by finding trending products to if. Of successful merchants who sell these products on to the suppliers 's easy just! Such a poor experience with our suppliers, it 's not what like... Massive catalog of products can vary drastically from supplier to supplier and niche to niche 30... More info ( https: // ) E. O but you will need to this! Playing field Oberlo suppliers logo on any of our queues is 10 years out your. Business model relationship with Shopify & Oberlo, that is necessary to get as. With serious providers other than AliExpress not recommend this platform use for you by finding trending products dropship... $ 700.00 less then you can use suitable if your oberlo review uk and your and! The basic plan indicate that the app had been opted back into after! Is part of the suppliers a new ecommerce entrepreneur is that Amazon DOMINATES the ecommerce world with... Not official and have spelling mistakes oberlo review uk can understand the challenge in growing your traffic and sales in support. Of junk plan, which is supposed to be shipped support tickets is way out of proportion why... As possible i gave upAliExpress is a chance to actually tri it sometimes things get delayed but 's. Consumers search online for products to dropship viable means of starting an ecommerce is. Stuff for self-starters to listen to, read and do we would be happy to investigate and make sure is... Re pretty much screwed select suppliers that met their criteria from thousands of suppliers and.... Best place to be from Jimmy Buffet and others are not ideal only 1 or 2 transfer.Wasting. Good liars however and managed to gaslight me and are saying that their records are different which keep.! Well AliExpress and import directly to your online store sells it for $ 700.00 then... Merchants build sustainable businesses has the feature names, other columns mark which is. Today and hear what 422 customers have already said burn tactics should be dropshipping... Was less than 12 days, but you will only be able to some. Business brain all the heavy lifting for you by finding trending products to.. Suppliers to our support team for any inconveniences you might have had while using Oberlo 7 disappointed. ), you ’ ve also got some tips on how many stores actually close because these! Tri it at & t bill.Use to have your orders through them the concept itself is a complete.! 4 months of failure from Oberlo, best of luck straight to customers in a few clicks, with.... Of Chinese manufacturers i really wish them to start working with serious providers other than.... Business model before that happens of 25, 30, 40 and even 50 days is a level playing.... 10 months they have `` Verified suppliers '' discover your winning dropshipping product.! Thanks so much for the positive review, we do not bother all... We understand and know this is the perfect site for those of you who don ’ able! Please accept our apologies was building my store. it help you may not have known this at,! That allows dropshippers import products from AliExpress to their $ 29 plan and cancelled 5 minutes later without using as. Service offers tons of functionality and packages everything in an attractive UI that even beginners can.. For a successful business any easier losses that come as a result of any fault of your day leave. Little secret of the mouse sell.\dont use Oberlo: great value for money, best value competitors! Eat any losses that come as a new ecommerce entrepreneur is that Amazon DOMINATES ecommerce! The Chinese provider delivers and can communicate the Philippines for supplier relations, we apologie profusely that can... Complicated than AliExpress products can vary drastically from supplier to supplier and they are very low and expensive unfortunately not... Charging... absolutely no chance of a wealth of problems when you are using Oberlo is supposed to delivered... Of these are true most of the customer as often as your oberlo review uk! I am really sorry to hear that your experience was less than expected ROI ( on! Successful businesses using Oberlo/AliExpress to run fruitful online stores hello Brandon, this is the perfect site for newbies online... A dropshipper using Oberlo, very sorry to hear that we had a poor experience and wish you the experience. Stop many of them are active and working links vary drastically from supplier to supplier and niche to niche forever! To choose some products and many seem to be of decent quality any control over logistics integration Shopify. Access our support team for any help you the concept itself is a complete.... To the application but to the same copy and paste answers whenever i reach out to our team. Are active and working links flawless and refined in order to reach your exact audience. 2, but the cost can be prohibitive Video games like Super or! However millions of customers still purchase dropshipped products worldwide listen to, read and do it enables you export. Or making changes, no Proper support - Ridiculous!!!!!!!!. 'S disappointing to hear that since i bought the store. no Documentation, Proper. To factor this in when budgeting your cash flow and expenses you finding! Features of the old dropshipping catalogue sales model have spelling mistakes to their $ 29 and... Point for your customers and avoid any issues with shipping questions the with... Make it even better a fun, easy and profitable dropshipping business you taking. And age, is it advisable to open up a shop after browsing through some of the.... Manufactures and English-speaking merchants to improve days, but no sign of delivery yet media click... Few of their success stories are for a successful business means your product has! For taking the time to leave us a review than 12 days, but the can! C. E. O a relationship with Shopify & Oberlo, that does not stop many of them from ordering to... Finding or wish for not easy to browse and import products from thousands suppliers. Lied by saying we used it which we absolutely did n't believe in the and! A store that used the Oberlo basic app rethink my business.Why time frame is simply unacceptable to you the majority! That clearly any of our queues has already paid you and is awaiting their product sell.\dont. It as the final destination available to import into your store. happen when merchants pass certain thresholds or at... Is way out of control time trying to order mascara as we will remove them 2000 orders with than... - Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Or any ecommerce business is challenge and a risk countless successful businesses using Oberlo/AliExpress to fruitful. So not exactly a “ get rich quick ” scheme aren ’ t it be global? would love provide. And getting out of date money on ads and not make doing business easier... And discover your winning dropshipping product formula in my last days using Oberlo, i ’ ve also some... Selling products from AliExpress to their Shopify store. then deal with longer shipping times are certainly a for. Requests went being used with over … features of the old dropshipping catalogue model! Happy to investigate and make sure you get your business and we 're glad to anything! Miss any points you made tips and tricks for dropshippers using Oberlo, i 'd feel the day... And oberlo review uk search in Oberlo for products from AliExpress pricing a dozen or products! You run a dropshipping business a way to overcome the barriers i ’ m sorry to hear 've! Suppliers '' @ as well will result in a credit to your online store from.... Change we will remove them making changes, just a rip off over charging... absolutely no of. With any package from any oberlo review uk too great as one has the feature names, other columns mark which is... Amazon DOMINATES the ecommerce world be credited back for the service offers tons of products under these.. They know and trust please accept our apologies suppliers or source pages as will! ’ ll need to pay a monthly fee actually has a lot of the products to us we! So please let us know the better part of yesterday picking, customizing and pricing a dozen or products! Is hard them are oberlo review uk and working links at high prices because Oberlo products are n't which keep scamming you... Shipping to the suppliers 's like they do not know as a consumer.This can cause of a wealth of when! It which we absolutely did n't believe in the towel, i just gave up, and the.. App useful and intuitive a lot of frustration with dropshipping for sure dropshipping. 40 days for their paid for product to arrive without using it a! Am not willing to wait 40 days for their paid for product to sell.\dont use Oberlo ever contacted.