This is a kit was made for The Classic Nib and designed by Dale Penkala.  This Emperor is a step up from the standard Emperor as Dale had the fountain pen section upgraded with an exquisite engraved design.  The pen is sold as a fountain or fully convertible kit.  The fountain kit comes with a Dayacom branded JoWo Two-Tone nib.  The convertible kit comes complete with both the fountain (complete with Dayacom Two-tone Nib feed and Housing) and rollerball sections (complete with Schmidt 5888 rollerball).  Clad in a rhodium and black titanium finish it is sure to impress.  Uses the standard Full size Emperor bushing set.


Our wonderful demonstration photograph was turned using a dark blue abalone blank.

Photo and Pen work both completed by Tuscany Pens

Elegant Emperor Rollerball and Fountain

Royal blue abalone FP
Royal blue abalone FP9