Craft Coat 2 Oz

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2 Ounce applicator bottle of Craft Coat
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Craft -Coat is one component linseed oil modified water born urethane. Craft Coat self cross-links when exposed to oxygen to develop an extremely durable film that exhibits outstanding scuff, mar, and impact resistance. It has the depth and gloss of an oil modified urethane and shows excellent adhesion even on dense or oily hardwoods...especially exotics. Craft-Coat produces very little odor and dries to the touch in 20 minuets if dipped and can be sanded or reapplied within 1 to 2 hours. If applied while turning , several coats can be applied less than a minute apart.

For those that have a reaction to CA while applying or just can't get a smooth finish with it, this product is the answer. It can be buffed to achieve a nice gloss finish.