Single Heritance 6MM Medium Semi Flex Nib

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QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: 1-5 $4.95 per 6-20 $4.35 per 21+ $4.00 per
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These nibs are manufactured by one the worlds largest nib manufacturers to the specifications of Lou Metcalf a fountain pen connoisseur to fit most of the 6 MM feeds supplied by our component (Kit) suppliers and also fit the Bock feed and housings like a glove. These are a less expensive way to upgrade your nib from the component nib to a semi flex nib giving a better writing experience to you and your customer  

These will fit all the Jr. series of component sets such as the Jr. Gent, Jr. Statesman, Jr. Retro, Jr. Majestic, Jr. Venus , plus along with the Triton, Rhinehart, Baron, Sedona and most of the component sets that use the smaller nibs by PSI plus many more. If your not sure if these will fit your component set give me a call or e mail me . This is for one Medium 6MM semi flex nib @ $4.95