In 2013 Michelle Ferrare set aside some of her many other interests and started her journey in to pen turning. She started out like many of us do, the wooden slim line and acrylic Jr. As her skills and confidence grew so did her need to create blanks on her own. She found the IAP and seen the endless multitude of handmade blanks and knew she had to be a part of that. She was intrigued by the watch parts blanks and always up for a challenge set her sights on making them herself. She relied on the help and guidance of the IAP family and in the fall of 2014 created her first watch parts blank.

Since that time she has made hundreds of watch parts pens. With her artistic eye and attention to detail the blanks that Michelle makes are true works of art. From the whimsical Mickey Mouse to the high end Rolex and Franck Muller each is unique and in high demand. Michelle’s watch parts blanks are cast in epoxy resin that is harder and less brittle than some of the other casting resins. They are easy to turn and polish to a high sheen.